National Biologic Coordinators Day - November 1
Wed Nov 1st

National Biologic Coordinators Day

Biologic coordinators are some of healthcare's most influential advocates for patients, but their jobs go unrecognized all the time. That's why National Biologic Coordinators Day, on November 1, will honor biologic coordinators around the world.

Patients may have a biologic therapy, which can be a common treatment option. However, obtaining these medications can be costly, and patients often need assistance understanding the process. Biologic coordinators come in here. A biologic coordinator is a key member of a medical practice's office staff. They may be a physician, nurse, physician's assistant, medical assistant, or an office/practice manager. These individuals support patients in navigating the often difficult and complicated process of obtaining access to prescribed biologic drugs.

A biologic coordinator also collaborates with the patient, prescribing specialist, specialty pharmacy, manufacturer, and insurance company. Patients are accompanied by pharmacists who help patients start and maintain their biologic medications at any step of the process.

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The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, a leader in healthcare, is inspired by the connectivity, dedication, and compassion of these unsung heroes for the patients they tirelessly support.

You can show your love for these critical patient advocates by posting a tale or a snapshot of a biologic coordinator using #BecauseYouCare and #NationalBiologicCoordinatorsDay on social media.

The day is a national biologic coordinators day in history

In 2021, Janssen introduced the first National Biologic Coordinators Day to ensure that biologic coordinators' work is acknowledged—not only among patients and physicians, but also among the general public and industry.

Although being a year-round employee, the open enrollment period is one of the country's busiest times. Open enrollment is an annual event that runs from November 1 to December 15 for people to enroll in a health-care plan. On November 1, Janssen hopes to give this important group of healthcare workers a warm start.