National Caramel Apple Day | October 31
Tue Oct 31st

National Caramel Apple Day

On October 31st, the time-honored fall treat of National Caramel Apple Day is commemorated. Many of us remember eating caramel apples or making them with family. It was a special treat whether it was at a fair, carnival, or Halloween party. We've even made them at home. The memory is a good one, no matter where we enjoyed them.


Caramel apples go by many names, including taffy apples or even candy apples. They're made by skewering apples on a stick and then dipping them in hot caramel. We make them extra delectable by coating them with nuts, chocolate, or other candies.

Sheet caramel allows for the high production of candy apples. The apples are wrapped with caramel sheets and then heated to melt the caramel evenly. The best caramel apples are made with tart crisp apples, such as Granny Smith or Fuji apples. Since apples are in season in the fall, Halloween is the perfect time of year to enjoy caramel apples.

The caramel-apple flavor is also a fall favorite. It's making its way into beverages, cakes, and other desserts. For a hint of caramel apple flavor, add caramel to just about every apple dish. In addition, it complements savory dishes, such as pork.

How to celebrate caramel apple day in the United States

A caramel apple-making day for Host. You can invite family and friends to make candy apples with you. When they ask them to bring their favorite toppings, they will oblige them. Celebrate with hot apple cider and sweet juggling.

Try this delectable dish or share your own. In the kitchen, there was an experiment with the caramel apple taste.

Using #CaramelAppleDay, you can post your creations on social media by clicking photos and posting them on social media.

The national caramel apple day celebrations have a long tradition

National Caramel Apple Day is sponsored by the National Confectioners Association.