National Cat Day | October 29
Sun Oct 29th

National Cat Day

Today, pay particular attention to your cat. Adopt a new cat. To post on social media, use #NationalCatDay.

Colleen Paige, a Pet Lifestyle Specialist and Animal Welfare Advocate, founded this day in 2005. Since its inception, it has helped save the lives of more than one million cats.

National cat day

On October 29th, the perfect day to pay extra attention to your feline friends.


Cats make excellent companions. They rarely miss you, but if they do, they'll be sure you know it. Pet owners are encouraged to adopt from a local shelter on Awareness days such as this one. The day also reminds us that neutering and spaying our furry friends helps reduce the abandoned population.

Shelters are brimming with cats and kittens in need of forever homes. These feline fur babies have as many personalities as they do colors and coats. They curl into our hearts and will just as quickly remind us who they love. 3.4 million people find their way to a shelter whether they were born in the shelter, surrendered, or abandoned.

Take your time when considering the adoption of a furbaby. Each shelter animal will touch your heart, so be sure to find a life-long passion.

  • Consider your lifestyle Will you have time for an active kitten or will an adult cat be more to your speed?
  • Make multiple visits before making a decision. Sometimes, the purrfect cat will choose you
  • Spend one-on-one time with the cat to ensure you have some bonding meowments and her true personality comes through
  • Is it necessary for other members of your fur family to be considered? If so, be sure to introduce them to be sure their personalities match
  • Have a space set for him to decompress and adjust to his new home when you welcome your new family member home. If he hides at first, don't be surprised if he isn't surprised. This is normal cat behavior

How to celebrate national cat day?