National Hermit Day | October 29
Sun Oct 29th

National Hermit Day

The hermit in all of us is recognized on National Hermit Day on October 29th. A hermit is a person who lives, to some extent, in seclusion from society.


No matter how social a person is, everyone needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hermits know how to avoid the public. They have mastered the ability to live alone without social interaction. Some of today's latest conveniences can even make it more possible to become hermit-like.

However, this is only one day. Not a lifestyle change. It's just a retreat into your own quiet someplace, far from the rest of the world.

How to celebrate national hermit day in a variety of ways

This single-day commemoration means we have disengaged from the world for the day. Turn off the phone and dial the number. Putter around the house. Enjoy your secluded little corner of the world. For the day, be hermit-like. Just for the day. Come back to the rest of the world, energized and energized.

Oh, and before you do slip off into the hermit world, use #NationalHermitDay to post on social media.