National Oatmeal Day | October 29
Sun Oct 29th

National Oatmeal Day

On National Oatmeal Day, Hearts get fit. Not only is oatmeal one of America's most popular breakfast foods, but we also celebrate it on October 29th. It's a great day to indulge in one of America's most popular breakfast foods.


A day off right with a warm bowl of oatmeal. To add flavor, add spices, fruit, nuts, or nut butters. It's also a versatile ingredient. To make a delectable crumble, add oatmeal to baked goods. We use it to make granola, cookies, and bars. Sometimes, soup recipes call for oatmeal, adding thicker texture and nutty flavor to soups.

  • oats are coarsely cut oats and are coarsely cut oats. They're the nuttiest and most flavorful oats available
  • Oatmeal is also available in different forms. Rolled oats are a whole grain oat that has been turned into oat flakes and are a whole grain oat. They may take longer to cook, but the nutty flavor adds to the dish's pleasure
  • Instant or quick oats are also available. These oats cook more quickly because they've either been pre-cooked or cut thinner. They lack some of the nuttiness found in rolled oats, but they provide similar health benefits

Oats are packed with many health benefits, including many health benefits

  • A bowl of oatmeal every day can lower cholesterol
  • It may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • It may reduce the risk of cancer. (According to the American Cancer Society, eating a diet high in fiber may reduce your risk of cancer)
  • The grain is low in fat
  • Oatmeal is low in calories
  • As a good source of iron and fiber, try adding oatmeal to your diet

Brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon, peaches, blueberries, blueberries, bananas, nuts, and granola are all popular oatmeal toppings, including brown sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, cinnamon, peaches, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, bananas, nuts, and granola.

Oatmeal has a long history in the state of Vermont, which dates back to the Scottish settlement. Although there were many variations, most oatmeal recipes started with steel-cut oats. They soaked the oats overnight in cold water, salt, and maple syrup. The cook will often add ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and, occasionally, ground ginger. The pot was then placed over heat and cooked for about 90 minutes. The oatmeal was served piping hot with cream, milk, or butter.

The Quaker Man is one of America's oldest advertising mascots. In 1877, Quaker Oats Company registered him as the first trademark for a breakfast cereal.

How to celebrate national oatmeal day

Have a bowl of oatmeal. Using oatmeal, you can make your favorite dishes. What are your go-to-ins and mix-ins? No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use #NationalOatmealDay to post on social media.

Oatmeal FAQ

Q. How can I add more oatmeal to my diet?

A. Oatmeal gives many dishes a nutty flavor. You can also: Along with eating oatmeal as a breakfast cereal.

  • Make oatmeal into a cup of yogurt by mixing oatmeal into a cup of yogurt
  • Blend it in with your smoothie to make it blend
  • Eat a granola bar made with oats
  • Make these delectable cookies
  • Make oatmeal muffin, pancake, or waffle mix by adding oatmeal
  • Make crumble and top it with baked apples
  • Make an oat soup dish by trying an oat soup recipe

Q. Does oatmeal improve your skin?

A. Oatmeal can be used as an exfoliant for the skin. You can also find oatmeal in some skin care products, including moisturizers.