National First Responders Day | October 28
Sat Oct 28th

National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day is set aside on October 28th to honor the men and women who act quickly when an emergency is close.


First responders volunteer their lives to save lives. They are the people who run into a crisis, while the majority of the world flees. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 4.6 million career and volunteer first responders support the communities where they live. They are firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians (EMT), paramedics, and 911 operators. They're the first on the scene in an emergency. These dedicated professionals answer the call when a crisis arises, often putting their own lives in jeopardy.

We salute their communities' continuing hours and around-the-clock support. We celebrate their continuing hours and around the clock service. The day honors the lives of the fallen first responders, making it one of the country's most dangerous occupations. According to the CDC, 97 firefighters and 155 police officers die each year in the line of duty each year. In addition, their rate of occupational injuries is higher than the national average. Our neighbors, acquaintances, and family members are often the ones saving lives. Their families are aware of the price they pay for their service to the profession.

And though they are an integral part of our families, their sacrifices go beyond the hours they work. They are often under intense strain, often daily. Both mentally and physically, the trauma they see wears on them both mentally and physically. Many people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. Longer stretches away from family life bring anxiety to their families' lives.

National First Responders Day is also a call for action. Our first responders are entitled to our care. First responders can live healthier, more efficient lives, and pass their knowledge and skills onto the next generation of first responders, too, thanks to their resources and knowledge.

How to celebrate national first responders day by observing national first responders day

The day gives you the opportunity to identify a first responder in your family's life. You may be surprised at how many people you know. If their service is voluntary, you may only know about their day job if they are aware of their day job. Treat them to their favorite beverage or buy their next meal. Be sure of their families, too. More importantly, support services to first responders can be enhanced. Connect with a first responder who came to your rescue and thank them. Let them know you appreciate their service and sacrifice.

Use #NationalFirstRespondersDay to show your appreciation on social media.

The national first responders day is the longest in national first responders day history

The United States Senate passed a bill designating October 28th as National First Responders Day in 2019 to honor the men and women who have put their lives on the line. In addition, many states have designated October 28th as National First Responders Day, and others recognize the observance on various dates throughout the year.