National American Beer Day | October 27
Fri Oct 27th

National American Beer Day

A toast to the rich American beermaking heritage and those that cherish the old traditions is raised on National American Beer Day. Thousands of people are raving over the country's most popular pints include millions of people who love the storied brews.


U.s brewing history

Brewing beer in America dates back long before Europeans arrived, when Native Americans brewed beer from a variety of ingredients. They fermented their beer using corn, birch sap, and water. When the first colonists arrived in Virginia, they began combining their brewing traditions with the available ingredients – and corn, too. Since then, brewing and brewers have been a key occupation in the colonies. Interestingly, the first white child born in Manhattan grew up to be America's first brewer.

Today, the brewery established by David G. Yuengling is the country's oldest operating brewery. In 1829, he founded the Eagle Brewery. To this day, the brewery is still in the family.

The Eagle Brewery survived Prohibition unlike many other breweries of the time. In fact, only a few people survived. Many that did not recover tried various legal and illegal tactics. They lowered their alcohol content to within the legal threshold in the Eagle Brewery's case. They also branched out. Who wants ice cream? Yes, the Yuenglings have started a dairy. Some customers converted their beermaking supplies into other items. They returned to full-fledged beermaking when prohibition was lifted.

Despite these attempts, virtually every brewer who was alive before prohibition was dissolved before prohibition was lifted. Only about 100 remained after prohibition, out of a total of over 1,300 brewers. We now know the names of several of the country's remaining breweries.

Years of experience in the trade are required to develop a brewer's ability. And, it's revered. The brewer's professional baseball team in Milwaukee is named after him. The stadiums in St. Louis and Denver were named after famous brewers.

In the United States, more than 2,100 breweries are brewing beer. They range in size from industry behemoths to brew bars and microbreweries, from industrial giants to microbreweries and microbreweries.

American beer facts

  • In 2009, the United States exported 196 million barrels of beer
  • According to the American average, Americans consume about 20 gallons of beer per capita annually
  • In 2008, the United States ranked sixteenth in the world in per capita consumption. However, total consumption was second only to China, second only to China
  • Following the repeal of prohibition by Congress, the industry consolidated into a handful of large-scale breweries
  • The bulk of the new breweries in the United States are small breweries and brew pubs. They are referred to as "craft breweries" by the Brewers Association to distinguish them from the larger and older breweries
  • The American lager is most commonly produced by large breweries
  • However, smaller breweries (many established in the 1980s) produce a variety of styles
  • Among the beer styles that originated in the United States are:: The United States' Beer styles include::
  • American pale ale
  • Pennsylvania porter
  • American IPA
  • steam beer
  • amber ale
  • cream ale
  • Cascadian dark ale

How to Observe American Beer Day?

Enjoy your new American Beer. Invite a friend or two to join you. Try something new while you're at it. American beers come in a variety of styles to choose from. Is there a favorite brewery in your house? Give them a shout-out, too! The brewmaster deserves to be lauded. To learn more, visit a brewery on tour to learn more. Try a sample or two while you're there.

Beer is also gaining a lot of attention now. If you didn't know that, read about 5 Surprising Ways Beer Changed the World.

Always drink responsibly, never drink and drive, and never drink and drive. To post on social media, use #AmericanBeerDay.

Beer FAQ

Q. Is all beers made with hops?

A. Nearly every beer on the market uses hops in its production. However, not all beers have a hoppy taste, so it's worth looking for something less hoppy, especially if you're visiting a local brewery. Without hops, you can also start brewing your own beer at home.

Q. How many calories are in beer?

A. The calories vary from beer to beer, but they generally contain 150-175 calories. However, a light beer brings the number closer to 100.

Q. How many servings of beer are in a standard keg?

A. In a keg of beer, there are 165 12-ounce servings.