National Mincemeat Day | October 26
Thu Oct 26th

National Mincemeat Day

National Mincemeat Day is commemorated in England as a result of a 15th-century English dish combining spiced meat and fruit. On October 26th, bake up a batch!


Originally, mincemeat was used as a way to preserve meat without salting or smoking. The filling was then used to make mince pies by Bakers. They became a special part of holiday dinners and became a popular part of holiday dinners. Today's holiday dinner table finds mincemeat pies in several households. Many modern recipes call for fruit, with liquor often as an added ingredient.

You may have heard tales about mincemeat pie from your grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or even read about it in a book. However, if you've never had the opportunity to try one, National Mincemeat Day would be the day to do so.

How to celebrate mincemeat day on mincemeat day

Is there an old mincemeat dish? Is it called for spiced meat or just fruit? We would love to hear about family traditions and your take on mincemeat's flavors. Tell us whether you like it sweet and spicy or just plain odd. Bake a batch or bake up a batch and post a snapshot on social media to showcase your recipes or bake up a batch. Be sure to include family members in the process, too!

Following are some mincemeat recipes for you: Here are some mincemeat recipes for you.

Mincemeat Pie Filling is a filling that is made from Mincemeat Pie filling. Homemade Mincemeat

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Mincemeat FAQ

Is mincemeat only used in pies? Q. Is mincemeat used in pies?

A. No, but holiday cooks often use mincemeat in some sort of sweet dishes such as pastries and bars.

Q. What is suet?

A. Suet is a hard, crumbly fat discovered near an animal's kidneys. It's used include baking, soap making, and bird feed.