National Greasy Foods Day | October 25
Wed Oct 25th

National Greasy Foods Day

Many that are keeping an eye on the scale are suspicious. On October 25th, Augment was on the diet for National Greasy Foods Day.


Although not the healthiest of options, every once in a while, it is still okay to enjoy some greasy food. We all love a treat in our regular diet, from fried chicken, pizza, nachos, and french fries to bacon and hash brown potatoes.

The following are cooking oil types::

***Olive oil – Palm oil – Soybean oil – Canola oil – Pumpkin oil – Corn oil – Sunflower oil – Safflower oil – Peanut oil – Grapeseed oil – Sesame oil – Agran oil – Rice bran oil – Other vegetable oils – Butter and lard.

Aromatic flavorings such as herbs, chilies, or garlic can be added to oil.

Greasy foods can be made with healthier oils and with much less than average amounts of oil used when cooking, making them healthier choices.

How to celebrate greasy foods day on a greasy foods day

There are so many greasy foods to try! Which will you try first? French fries came to mind. So do onion rings. However, mozzarella sticks look delectable, as well. Don't forget the dipping sauces! Indulge yourself with some greasy foods and hashtag #GreasyFoodsDay to post on social media.

Greasy foods FAQ

Q. How can I make the fried foods I love healthier?

A. There is no denying it. Fried foods are packed with unhealthy fats and calories. However, there are some ways to enjoy those same foods without doing so much harm to your health.

  • Limit your intake of the real deal. Those onion rings from your favorite restaurant? Cut down the number of times you order them by half, and they will be even better when you do enjoy them
  • Bake instead of fry. Many fried foods have delectable and health counterparts. Baking them on a lightly oiled baking sheet will crisp them right up and reduce the number of calories and fat they contain. To season russet potatoes, add a little garlic and herbs
  • By using a convection oven, you can achieve a convection oven. These handy little ovens have the ability to crisp up our favorite fried dishes using a fraction of the oil they normally use when deep frying

Q. Can I re-use the oil in my deep fryer?

A. Yes, but please pay attention to its appearance and odor. Strain the oil into a glass or stainless steel container and store the oil in a cool place between uses. If you often fry foods, the oil will develop flavor. You will also want to avoid frying donuts in the same oil you fried fish in last week.