MDS World Awareness Day - October 25
Wed Oct 25th

Mds World Awareness Day

MDS World Awareness Day, October 25th, brings attention to myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). When the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow become abnormal, a rare group of blood cancers arises.

Bone marrow cells are present in certain bones. Blood stem cells account for some of these blood-forming cells. These cells are required for the production of new blood cells. Red cells, white cells, and platelets are among the three types of blood cells that can be found in red cells, white cells, and platelets. MDS occurs when there is a disruption in the production of new blood cells. Anemia is often associated with a red blood cell shortage, which is often characterized as anemia. MDS progresses into a rapidly growing bone marrow cell tumor in some patients. AML) is a form of acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

In the United States, up to 20,000 new cases of MDS are reported each year. According to reports, 170,000 people in the United States are currently living with MDS. Around 87,000 new cases of MDS each year are recorded around the world.

MDS symptoms include:: MDS symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Unusual paleness
  • Unusual bruising or bleeding may have occurred
  • Red spots under the skin are visible
  • Frequent infections

There are no known causes for the majority of cases of MDS. MDS may be triggered by certain cancer treatments or hazardous chemicals in some instances. MDS is not cured. However, there are some treatment options that can control the symptoms, slow the progression, and minimize complications. Blood transfusions are a common treatment option. Medications to increase the number of blood cells in the body and to stimulate blood cells to mature are both used. A bone marrow transplant is also a possibility for some people.

#mdsworldawarenessday is a worldwide phenomenon that has piqued our interest

On this day, many MDS patient support groups banded together to show their love for one another and those fighting the disease. MDS research funding is primarily focusing on MDS research funding at charity walks, concerts, and other charitable activities.

To participate:

  • Donate to the MDS Foundation, Inc., Inc., or another group that funds MDS research
  • Organize or join an MDS walk in your neighborhood
  • Learn more about MDS and other forms of blood cancers
  • Learn about MDS patients such as Robin Roberts, Carl Sagan, Nina Foch, and Michael Brecker

#MDSWorldAwarenessDay is a worldwide awareness campaign that is shared on social media.

Mds world awareness day is the mds' world awareness day

MDS World Awareness Day was launched by the MDS Alliance and MDS Patient Support Groups from the United Kingdom and around the world. Since 2016, the event has been held on October 25th.