United Nations Day | October 24
Tue Oct 24th

United Nations Day

The founding of the United Nations (UN) in 1945 is commemorated on United Nations Day. On October 24th, the annual commemoration takes place.


Meetings, discussions, and exhibits relating to the organization's achievements and objectives have traditionally been celebrated around the world.

Today the United Nations Assembly is made up of 193 member states and two observer states. The United Nation's mission is to maintain international peace and stability.

Human rights around the world are also protected by the United Nations General Assembly. They introduced a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, 1948.

Populations in need of humanitarian assistance are aided by the member countries. Following World War II, the first aid was a prompt response to the destruction caused by World War II.

Another aim of the international body is to foster sustainable growth.

The United Nations' major achievements include:: Among the UN's most notable achievements are::

  • The UN peacekeeping budget is less than 5% of global military spending, and it is less than 5% of total military spending
  • In 83 countries, their World Food Programme (WFP) provides food and assistance to 91 million people in 83 countries
  • They also supply vaccines to 45% of the world's children
  • The United Nations helps people who have been displaced by violence, conflict, and persecution. The United Nations helps refugees who have been displaced by conflict, conflict, and persecution

How to celebrate united nations day on united nations day

UNESCO's Paris hosts conferences and meetings throughout the day. They also have exhibits of UN accomplishments on display. Schools around the world celebrate the richness of their student bodies on United Nations Day. Cultural performances and food fairs are also held at these schools.

Each year, a UN Day concert is held to celebrate the day. The concert is held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City's General Assembly Hall. The KBS Traditional Music Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, the Harlem Boys Gospel Choir, and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra were among the concert's performers.

Consider how diversity enriches our lives in order to participate in United Nations Day. Make it a goal to learn more about each of the 193 nations that make up the United Nations. Find out what all the flags of each country look like. If you know someone of a different nationality, ask them questions about their country of origin. To raise money, post #UnitedNationsDay on social media.

The national united nations day is the first national united nations day in history

During World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase "United Nations" to describe World War II. Twenty-six nations united to pledge that their governments will continue fighting against the Axis Powers. In 1945, delegates from 51 countries gathered in San Francisco, California, to establish the United Nations Charter. They signed the Charter on June 26th, 1945, and it was ratified on October 24th, 1945. In 1948, United Nations Day was established in 1948.

United nations FAQ

Q. What two governments are observer states in the United Nations?

A. The Holy See and Palestine are the two observer states in the United Nations' two observer states.

Q. What was the 193rd State to join the United Nations? Q. What was the 193rd State's entry? South Sudan became the 193rd Member State in the United Nations in 2011 as the 193rd Member State. A.