World Tripe Day - October 24
Tue Oct 24th

World Tripe Day

To get through World Tripe Day, you'll need a strong stomach. People celebrate a special dish called tripe on this day every October 24th. When you eat tripe, you're eating a cow's stomach lining.

Right? Sounds gross, right? Give tripe a shot before starting gagging. Just remember, at one time, the world considered foods like lobster and snails gross, too. These foods were only considered suitable for the lower class. They are now one of the most popular foods for the wealthy. Although kings and queens aren't eating tripe, many people around the world aren't.

Tripe is often present in Cajun sausage. So do soups made in Mexico, India, Portugal, Poland, Poland, and the Philippines. In pho, the Vietnamese use tripe as an ingredient. The Vietnamese use tripe as a component in their national dish. Tripe is also popular in France and Italy. Some restaurants in the United States have tripe on the menu. Tripe is served up by Fedora, a high-end restaurant in New York City, which also serves up tripe. Lenzi's Restaurant in Pittsburgh is also a Pittsburgh restaurant.

Tripe q&a

Consider the health benefits if you're still not sure you'll ever eat tripe. Tripe is high in protein and low in calories. Vitamin B-12, zinc, calcium, and other essential minerals are also present in this dish.

Tripe is likely to raise some concerns if you're like most people.

Questions like:

  • Are there different types of tripe? Tripe can be divided into four categories, depending on which cow stomach it comes from. Honeycomb tripe from the reticulum is the most common form of tripe
  • How does tripe look? Tripe is usually either a yellowish-looking honeycomb pattern or a solid white sheet
  • What does tripe look like? Tripe has a dense, chewy texture, similar to calamari, but not as rubbery
  • Does tripe taste like chicken? Tripe does not taste like chicken! Tripe is described as like liver by some
  • What does tripe smell like? Some people say the tripe smells like wet hay and dirt, sort of like a barn

You may actually like it after you get past the smell, feel, and look of tripe.

How to celebrate #worldtripeday

Trying one is the most effective way to remember World Tripe Day. Try this Roman Style Tripe dish if you have no idea how to prepare it.


1 onion chopped

Bacon chopped on 2 slices bacon was bacon chopped on 2 slices.

1 T. chopped parsley

Garlic chopped in 1/2 cloves.

2 T. tomato paste

1 cup water

Parboiled tripe cut into finger strips at 2 lbs. parboiled tripe cut into finger strips.

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2 T. grated Romano or Parmesan cheese, or Parmesan cheese, 2 T. grated Romano or Parmesan cheese. Detailed information about

If you're not sure where to buy tripe, ask your local butcher. Have you ever tried tripe? Have you ever tried tripe?

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History of the world tripe day has a rich history

In 2013, the Tripe Marketing Board introduced World Tripe Day. In 2013, the Tripe Marketing Board introduced World Tripe Day. This UK-based online publication humbly endorses tripe consumption. This UK-based print magazine humorously endorses tripe's consumption.