National Boston Cream Pie Day | October 23
Mon Oct 23rd

National Boston Cream Pie Day

On October 23rd each year, National Boston Cream Pie Day serves up a delectable dessert. Pie enthusiasts, please move ahead. For cake lovers, pull up a chair. Let's celebrate the cake with an identity crisis! Boston Cream Pie is a chocolate frosted, custard-filled cake that is loved by millions.


This pudding and cake combination was created by French chef Monsieur Augustine Francois Anezin in 1856 at Boston's Parker House Hotel.

Two layers of sponge cake are either filled with vanilla-flavored custard or creme patisserie, according to the decadent cake. A cherry is usually topped with a chocolate glaze, such as a ganache or occasionally powdered sugar and a cherry.

In 1996, Massachusetts introduced the Boston Cream Pie as their official dessert.

How to eat boston cream pie day in boston cream pie day

Make your dessert with a slice of homemade Boston Creme Pie made from one of the following recipes. Be sure to invite someone to share it with you and make it a true celebration. Don't want to bake? While you're there, visit your new bakery and give them a shout-out. Take a selfie and post it on social media.

Boston Cream Pie Outrageous Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes are among the outraged Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes. Boston Cream Poke Cake is a Boston Cream Poke Cake made with Boston Cream Poke Cake.

To post on social media, use the hashtag #BostonCieDay.