Sun Oct 22nd

National Make A Dog's Day

On October 22, Subaru makes A Dog's Day, a Subaru holiday that encourages dog-lovers from around the world to go the extra mile for their pup.


Animal lovers around the world are being reminded today to adopt a pet rather than buying a new one. In fact, we encourage everyone to visit a shelter to see why adopting a four-legged friend will make the world a better place.

While statistics continue to decrease, approximately 3.1 million dogs per year enter shelters in the United States annually, many of whom are relinquished by their owners. Worse still, around 15% of the animals that enter shelters are euthanized. If you adopt a dog

  • Saving a life
  • Animal cruelty in breeding facilities is being phased out
  • Spaying, neutering, vaccination, and occasionally microchipping are all expensive
  • Choosing from a large variety of dog breeds that are usually house-trained is often overwhelming
  • Adopting a dog that has received exceptional care in the shelter, which means they are healthy

If a dog could talk

Adoption is just one way to make a dog's day. If your favorite canine companion could talk, they might tell us that going for an extra-long walk would make their day. When was the last time you visited the dog park? Of course, a new chew toy could make their list. They just want to play some days. You've already throw the ball! Don't stop scratching the itch, which is the highest on the list of fur babies around.

If you're looking for your new furry friend, keeping your dog healthy is an act of unspoken love between you and your pup

  • With your veterinarian, schedule regular check-ups for your dog. Choose a time that suits you and your new animal friend
  • Vaccinate your dog according to what they need. Your doctor will make the right recommendations to help you decide on the most important vaccinations
  • Spay or neuter your dog, or neuter it. Unplanned puppies, in addition to the health benefits, are causing the number of shelters to increase

A loyal companion

  • Visit a shelter, find your faithful canine companion, and make a dog's day by adopting!
  • Volunteer at a shelter by walking a dog for a walk or giving them a new chew toy
  • Donate new blankets, treats, or other items to a shelter. By visiting their website or simply calling, you can find out what your local shelter needs are
  • During the month of October, stop by a participating Subaru store during the month of October to purchase new pet items, which the automaker will continue to collect throughout the month of October. Check your local Subaru stores to join the campaign
  • Make your dog's day if you're already the owner of a beloved dog. Repay that unconditional love with creative tokens of dog-gone appreciation
  • Shelters: make sure to post your adoption news and photos using the hashtag #MakeADogsDay on social media to share your stories and photos
  • Subaru has asked dog owners to do something special for the furry friends in their lives and post #MakeADogsDay on social media. Subaru encourages Americans to consider adopting a shelter pet or "Underdog" for those that are yet to be pet parents

A dog's day in the United States is a national make a dog's day history. national make a dog's day history

The fourth annual National Make A Dog's Day is 2022. Since its inception, #MakeADogsDay has welcomed over 68 million people and helped find homes for nearly 60,000 dogs.

Subaru has a long history of helping animals in need. Subaru has donated more than $42 million to national and local charities to help with the rescue, transport, and adoption of nearly 350,000 pets, as a result of Subaru's Loves PetsTM campaign launched in 2008.

They have found another way to make a difference as part of Subaru Loves Pets month in October and the company's lifetime commitment to loving animals. Subaru has consistently gratified the canine friends that deserve it most, with a passion for animals and caring for animals everywhere.

Subaru advocates for adopting from pet organizations year-round, according to Alan Bethke. However, October is a special for Subaru. They devote the entire month to uniting dogs around the country with the loving homes they so richly deserve. "Our Subaru family is incredibly passionate about animal rights, and we're proud to help make the world a safer place for pets everywhere," Bethke says.