National Brandied Fruit Day | October 20
Fri Oct 20th

National Brandied Fruit Day

We celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day on October 20th each year on October 20th.


Brandied fruit first became popular around the Victorian period. People discovered brandy added to fruit quickly and safely preserved it during this period. Incidentally, the process also preserved the flavor of freshly picked fruit crops while still creating a delectable dessert for adults.

Brandied fruit is made by soaking sweet fresh fruit in brandy, sugar, and spices. The fruit will sit for nearly 30 days after the initial preparations. Then it is poised to be the best desserts, pies, and cakes. Interestingly, brandied fruit is used as a starter for Friendship Cake. Friendship Cake is similar to the idea of a starter for sourdough bread, but it takes time to prepare. However, once you've finished the process, you're sure to enjoy one of the most delectable treats ever!

Other ways to commemorate the day include:: Here are some other ways to commemorate the day.

  • Spoon it over ice cream spout it over ice cream. Spoon it over ice cream
  • To the cake batter, add chopped brandied fruit to the batter before baking
  • Drink the sweetened liquid as a sweet cordial
  • Use as a topping for bread pudding or as a topping for bread pudding
  • Spoon over a softened brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers, according to Spoon
  • With cubed pound cake and whipped cream, a layer in a trifle with cubed pound cake and whipped cream is a trifle

The best way to commemorate #BrandyFruitDay is to enjoy some with family and friends. #BrandiedFruitDay to post on social media and show the world how you #CelebrateEveryDay!

History of the BRANDIED FRUIT DAY HISTORY OF BRANDIED FRUIT DAY HISTORY OF HISTORY. BRANDIED FRUIT DAY HISTORY. The history of brandied fruit is uncertain. We have been unable to locate the maker of this delectable food holiday due to that.

Brandied fruit FAQ

Q. How long can I let the fruit sit in the brandy for brandied fruit?

A. For the best flavor, leave your fruit in the brandy for at least a month. However, storing the fruit in the brand for longer will only enhance the flavor.

Q. Do I have to give the brandied fruit a hot water bath?

A. No. A. No. A. No. Even though many people use canning jars to make brandied fruit, do not seal the jars with a hot water bath. The fruit will be preserved by the brandy. However, be sure the brandy sells the fruit and that the jars are stored in a cool place.

Q. What fruits are best for brandied fruit?

A. Almost every fruit produces delectable brandied fruit. However, bananas should be avoided due to their texture and softness, while bananas should be avoided. However, other fruit, such as cherries, pears, nectarines, plums, and berries, make for delicious brandied fruit.