National Youth Confidence Day | October 20
Fri Oct 20th

National Youth Confidence Day

To educate responsible, confident young adults, developing a framework of positive role models is vital. On October 20, National Youth Confidence Day, Incidentally, encourages us to connect and inspire today's youth for tomorrow's success.


The energy, passion, and potential of young people is celebrated on National Youth Confidence Day, which honors young people's energy, spirit, and potential. The day is an acknowledgement of all they will do, respectively. Indeed, guidance, leadership, and mentors will all help illuminate the way. In addition, today's youth will tackle the obstacles that will eventually lay before them.

Allow a young person into your family's life and acknowledge their mistakes. Interestingly, their mistakes would be similar to ones you've made yourself. Offer the understanding that these mistakes are simply lessons. Therefore, let them know that they will only need to learn from them and gain experience to achieve their goals. Share your wisdom and listen to their fears. Both celebrate their victories and help them learn from their losses.

How to celebrate national youth confidence day

Participation in National Youth Confidence Day is one of many ways.


Hearing about youth makes us feel more confident. Share a tale about a young person who inspires you. It's all about being unique, whether it's overcoming an obstacle or achieving academic success, to supporting someone in the neighborhood. Especially, highlight their inspiration by posting #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring on social media.


Your youth, colleagues, and anyone who exudes confidence, inner beauty, or self-worth are among the many examples shared in this series. To post on social media, use #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring.


Show a young person in your life that you care about. Provide them with the tools to reach their potential. Most importantly, give them the tools, skills, and confidence to help them boost their confidence. You celebrate their achievement by planting a seed and watching it grow.

To post on social media, use #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring.

The national youth confidence day has been a national youth confidence day for the first time in history

In 2018, Tiffany R. Lewis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc., established National Youth Confidence Day. In addition, it's her aim to foster a strong foundation of positive relationships with mentor today's youth. As a result, National Youth Confidence Day is a Day of Confidence for young people around the world.

Inc., the confident girl mentoring service was inc

The Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. (CGMP, Inc.), a non-501(c)(3) group that empowers people by using evidence-based strategies. In addition,, they also want to foster confidence in youth, teens, and young adults aged 7-19 in New York State. CGMP, Inc., Inc., is an active participant of MENTOR, a national mentoring association. They are, as a matter of fact, the unifying champion for improving quality youth mentoring opportunities in the United States.

The initiative aims to raise youth's level of confidence. In addition,, it gives them a chance to see beyond boundaries as they open their minds to new ways of thinking. Because of this, the program encourages them to see the world as a much larger place. Particularly, a place that has more diversity than their population.

Youth have spent a whole day with the Confident Girl Mentoring Service, Inc., and they leave feeling confident and empowered. They also look beautiful and exude confidence.