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World Statistics Day

Every five years on October 20th, World Statistics Day is held every five years. The day honors the accomplishments of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics' Fundamental Principles.

Statistics involves the gathering, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of numerical data. Statistics are extremely important. Scientists can make new discoveries in this field. It helps manufacturers produce safer products. When using statistics, pharmacists produce more effective drugs. Meteorologists rely on statistics to be accurate when forecasting the weather. Thanks to statistics, even investors make better financial decisions.

Statistical study and data aids virtually every industry in the world. Individuals also use statistics for a variety of reasons. Statistics help to establish truth and make critical decisions. Statistics also play a vital role in determining trends and finding patterns.

Statistics are deserving of a celebration for all these reasons.

How to celebrate #worldstatisticsday

Over 100 countries observe World Statistics Day. The global statistical community showcases the achievements and continuing research in this field on this day. Statistics from a variety of industries are available.

Consider how often you use statistics during the day. Do you make financial decisions? Do you make financial decisions? Do you check the weather? Do you cook food? Do you prepare food? If so, there's a good chance that statistics can make these tasks simpler. Despite the fact that you won't see a direct correlation, statistics are sure to influence your daily life.

Other ways to commemorate this day include:: The following are some other ways to commemorate this day.

  • Learn more about statistics' mathematical field
  • Watch a video about the value of statistics from a movie. Moneyball and Statistics are two of the best ones, but Moneyball and Statistics are two of the examples
  • Take a statistics quiz

#WorldStatisticsDay is a hashtag on social media. #WorldStatisticsDay is a hashtag on social media. #WorldStatisticsDay is a hashtag that has been shared on social media.

The world statistics day is the longest in history

In 1947, the United Nations Statistical Commission was established. This commission brings together Chief Statisticians from member states around the world. The Statistical Commission's primary function is to establish statistical standards. In addition, the commission develops statistical reports and methods at the national and international levels. The Statistical Commission adopted the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics in 1994.

The Statistical Commission suggested on October 20, 2010, to commemorate the first World Statistics Day. In 2012, it was decided that the festival would be held every five years.

The following are past World Statistics Day themes have included::

  • Several Achievements in Statistics in 2010: Celebrating the Many Achievements in Statistics
  • 2015: Better data, Better Lives, Better Data, Better Lives

In 2020, the next World Statistics Day will be observed.