National Chicken and Waffles Day | October 20
Fri Oct 20th

National Chicken And Waffles Day

On October 20th, we celebrate National Chicken and Waffles Day, with Savory and sweet collide for a soulful celebration of flavor. Imagine a world where every spice and spirit's ingredients make their way into the honeycombs of thick and crispy waffles. Well, the day has come.


This quintessential meal of the rural south from Los Angeles to NYC brought a slow migration from LA to NYC, which then spread to the urban areas to the north and west. Chicken and waffles have been around for more than 150 years, as strange as it is. And although no one knows who first put chicken and waffles on the same plate together, we do know that the dish was a staple of both African-American cooks and the Pennsylvania Dutch. Anyone can enjoy Chicken and Waffles any time of the day, as part of the supper portion.

The meal also has some hearty dishes. Our only limitation is our imaginations. Not only does #ChickenAndWafflesDay bring together two food groups, but it also unites others. For example, friends and families, communities, and organizations, as well as multiple generations.

How to celebrate chicken and waffles on a day's

Enjoy your new spin on chicken and waffles. People are encouraged to make their own versions due to the limitless combinations. You should, too! Add some gravy or go traditional. Make yours into a sandwich or make it a mini. Herb it up or go sweeter.

Give the restaurant a shout-out when you order your favorite, such as Roscoe's House of Chicken N' Waffles. They've been serving this delectable dish for more than 46 years.

#ChickenAndWafflesDay on social media, so be sure to invite someone to join you and use #ChickenAndWafflesDay on social media.

National chicken and waffles day is a national chicken and waffles day celebration in the United States

In 2021, House of Chicken N' Waffles in Southern California established National Chicken and Waffles Day to highlight this delectable cuisine pairing and to commemorate the day as a symbol of service and volunteerism. Check out Roscoe's foundation website to find out how to get involved and celebrate National Chicken and Waffles Day.