International Legging Day | October 18
Wed Oct 18th

International Legging Day

Every October 18th, get ready for International Legging Day. Although it's a year-round staple, when temperatures drop in the fall, it's officially legging season.


The legging is now a classic style combining comfort and style, once a necessity adding an extra layer of warmth, and now an iconic style combining comfort and style. Leggings have long been a staple wardrobe piece and workout staple in the 1950s and 1960s as a common wardrobe piece and workout staple.

Over time, breathable fabrics, textures, styles, and prints emerged in the enduring leggings era. Modern-day leggings are engineering marvels that can improve your workouts. Legging styles are now so versatile that they're now a gym must have, and they're now so fashionable to wear as pants, as well as jeans. Comfortable leggings come in a variety of styles, with something for everyone.

As the success of athleisure has risen, the legging's mass appeal has also increased. This fashionable, curve-hugging style hasn't only revolutionized what we wear to the gym, but it has also revolutionized what we wear everywhere. The versatile legging has sparked a global revolution that has pushed women to embrace comfort and remain active.

How to celebrate legging day? How to handle legging day?

Put your best legging forward! Proudly wear your favorite pair and go shopping for more. Whether it's at the office or the five-star restaurant you're dining at tonight, consider this your opportunity to break the dress code. After all, being relaxed is what the day's really about. On October 18th, use #LeggingDay on social media to showcase your favorite looks and styles.

History has long been associated with international legging day

In 2019, Fabletics founded International Legging Day to celebrate the year-round style staple during the official legging season.