World Restart A Heart Day - October 16
Mon Oct 16th

World Restart A Heart Day

World Restart a Heart Day, on October 16th, raises the possibility that anyone can learn CPR and other basic life-saving tips. The day also honors the number of lives that are saved each year by CPR each year.

Who invented CPR? Who invented CPR? This question may seem to be a straightforward one to answer. However, this isn't the case as CPR has morphed over the years. Doctors and surgeons have battled to find the right way to resurrect a heart after it hasn't beat for centuries.

Cpr timeline

Practitioners used various versions of the Bellows Method from the 1500s to 1800s – Practitioners used various versions of the Bellows Method. To force air into the lungs, this technique used fireplace bellows. They continued to develop in medicine, but they also introduced more efficient techniques.

William Tossach, a Scottish surgeon, was one of the first to successfully use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in 1732. However, the Bellows Method became the most effective way to inflate the lungs artificially in 1782.

1874 – Moritz Shiff's study showed that heart massage can improve circulation.

1891 – Dr. Friedrich Maass of Germany became the first to advocate chest compressions to reclaim the heart.

1933 – Researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered that external chest compression provided adequate circulation. The study was led by William Kouwenhoven, an electrical engineer. Many believe him to be the father of modern CPR.

The Kouwenhoven team of 1957- Kouwenhoven unveiled a prototype of the first portable external defibrillator.

1960 – Kouwenhoven and other resuscitation pioneers combined mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with external chest compressions.

This technique is also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). According to the American Heart Association (AHA), up to 200,000 lives per year could be saved if CPR was administered early enough.

How to celebrate #worldrestartaheartday, according to the author

On this day, healthcare professionals and heart associations around the world are educating the general public on how to administer CPR. It's also a day for people to share stories of how CPR saved their life. The best way to participate is to learn CPR and other life-saving techniques. With #WorldRestartAHeartDay, you can also raise concerns for this day on social media.

A heart day history has seen the world reclaim a heart day

The European Restart a Heart Initiative was launched by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) in 2013. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCR) started World Restart a Heart (WRAH) in 2018 as an extension of this fruitful endeavor. World Restart A Heart Day was established and is celebrated every year on October 16th, thanks to the European Parliament's support.