National Grouch Day | October 15
Sun Oct 15th

National Grouch Day

Notifications have been sent out on October 15th to all the grouches of the world to be their truest grouch. Today is your special day if you are a grouch. According to Sesame Street Magazine, the day honors all grouches and their way of life.


Grumps give backhanded praises all the time. "Your house looked terrible before you painted it." They don't give them at all other times. A grouch is generally unpleasant, with noise, silence, and general activity.

A grouch may be content (although they would never admit it) but others are dissatisfied and grouchy. They are then the most comfortable with sharing in their gruesome, cantankerous, surly world with them.

A grouch e-card and then ask a friend, whether they be a grouch or not, to come on over, enjoy some popcorn, relax, and watch Grumpy Old Men!

How to celebrate national grouch day?

May your ice be too cold and your slinky too springy! Use #NationalGrouchDay on social media to post your obnoxious remarks. We hope the jelly from your sardine sandwich makes your keyboard sticky!

History of the national grouch day has influenced national grouch day

This Sesame Street-inspired holiday has been celebrated since at least 1976 and honors the grouch's way of life.

Grouch FAQ

Q. Who were some famous grouches?

A. The most popular grouches are fictional. They include names like Oscar the Grouch, Archie Bunker, and the Grinch.

Q. What word is the opposite of grouch?

A. Someone who is a happy camper is someone who is both joyful and content.