National Cheese Curd Day | October 15
Sun Oct 15th

National Cheese Curd Day

National Cheese Curd Day, October 15th, celebrates the velvety goodness of cheese curds.


Cheese curds are unique, funky, snackable little pieces of yellow or white Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Many restaurants coat and deep fry them to a golden brown. First, prepare a warm butter crunch on the outside when you bite into one. On the inside, the next delectable delicacy burst of dairyland delicacy will be a ooey-gooey burst of dairyland delicacy.

What are they? Well, cheesemaking naturally produces cheese curds. When you bite into them, fresh ones squeak. Cheesemakers produce new varieties to please the increasing number of people who like cheese curds.

Serve cheese curds in a variety of ways to enjoy the flavor benefits! Of course, you can always eat them fresh. Deep-fried, another all-time favorite, is included in another batch. Add dipping sauces for tasting options, too! Choose from ranch, more cheese sauce, spicy siracha, tangy dill, barbeque, and more. Cheese curds are also included in recipes. Poutine has been popular for decades.

How to celebrate national cheese curds day on national cheese curds day

For your appetizer, order some out to dinner and order some for your appetizer. You can also bring some fresh cheese curds home to snack on later. To post on social media, post your favorite flavor of squeaky cheese and use #NationalCheeseCurdDay.

National cheese curd history is the longest curd history in national cheese curd history

In 2015, Culver's National Cheese Curd Day was established to celebrate the delectable and snackable dish.

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Faq cheese curd

Q. Is cheese curds ever made from cheddar cheese?

A. Cheesemakers make cheese curds from cheddar cheese. However, you can use mozzarella if you're making homemade cheese curds.

Q. Is cheese curds available in different flavors? Yes! Yes! Although some cheese curds are served as a deep-fried appetizer, some are not available fresh. Try flavors such as garlic and herb, jalapeno, or ranch, or bacon.

Q. What can I make with cheese curds?

A. Cheese curds are an essential ingredient in poutine. Marinating cheese curds and adding them to a salad is another great way to enjoy cheese curds.