National Shawarma Day | October 15
Sun Oct 15th

National Shawarma Day

On October 15th, the Middle Eastern rotisserie method of cooking meats such as lamb, chicken, and beef, as well as the dishes it creates, will be commemorated. Not only does shawarma provide delectable flavor, but it can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways.


With a marinade of Mediterranean herbs and spices, shawarma chicken slowly cooks on a vertical rotisserie spit in Bursting. The tender meat is then thinly sliced, grilled, and added to a pita wrap with a variety of toppings. Customize this delectable dish with fresh vegetables, cheese, and a variety of herbs to create your own personalization. Special sauces such as customer favorite Osmow'sTM garlic sauce also enhance the pleasure of this delectable dish as well. No matter how you like your shawarma, the combinations are endless.

Not in the mood for a wrap? Shawarma's salad, rice, or fries also tastes great on a salad, rice, or fries. Anything exploding with this much flavor deserves a shoutout!

How to celebrate national shawarma day

Experience a delectable shawarma! Order lamb, beef, chicken, or even Beyond Meat to celebrate. Invite a friend to join you in shawarma's journey. Any foodie will want to participate in the celebration. If you're indulging in every bite, be sure to post your favorite shawarma on social media. To help you satisfy your shawarma cravings, too, look for special offers from Osmow's and brand equivalents. The NationalShawarmaDay hashtag is also used on social media to announce your event.

History of national shawarma day has influenced national shawarma day

In 2020, Osmow's National Shawarma Day was established to celebrate the Middle Eastern flavors served in delectable shawarma. Celebrate with one of Osmow's signature dishes. If it's a wrap, on the ROCKSTM (rice), STIXTM (fries), or another customer favorite poutine, you'll be sure to keep coming back for more.

About osmow's

Sam Osmow's first Osmow's store was located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada, and continues to be a profitable business to this day. Sam saw a chance to bring his Egyptian roots to the Canadian landscape by combining traditional Egyptian cuisine with a North American palette. Thus, filling a void in the new fast, casual culinary market is filled. Customers are returning time and again to satisfy their cravings with Osmow's delectable dishes and their signature sauces, such as the fan-favourite garlic sauce, keep bringing customers back and again to satisfy their cravings. The restaurant has grown to more than 100 locations and is expanding throughout Canada. As we continue to expand this exciting flavorful food niche in the spirit of diversity and cultural exploration, Osmow's has also invited all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate National Shawarma Day on October 15th.