National Dessert Day | October 14
Sat Oct 14th

National Dessert Day

Every October 14th on National Dessert Day, people from around the country indulge every October 14th. Candies, pies, ice cream, fruits, cookies, cobblers, and donuts are among the desserts that candies, pies, pies, grandma's house or chocolate store are among the local bakery's, grandma's house or chocolate store's desserts.


The available ingredients influence the variety of desserts made in each region. Since ancient cultures were more focused on diet in foods than food, the first desserts needed little effort or preparation. Desserts have evolved from natural candies and nuts to intricate soufflés and multi-layered cakes over the years. There are many more dessert options available in modern history.

We find seasonal delights throughout the year. The flavors change as we approach the holiday season. For those, the taste of gingerbread or fruitcake may come to mind. Some people will eat dishes that have been passed down for generations while others will discard recipes that have been passed down for generations. Pecan, pumpkin, and apple pies come to mind. Dessert table is also lacking other rich desserts. Flan, tarts, and everything with maple glaze are among the items that feature maple glaze.

How to celebrate national dessert day

This is an excellent day to order dessert first! If you go out to your favorite bakery or whip up something delectable at home, please share your celebrations with others. Give a shout out to your new baker or share your go-to dish. What is your favorite dessert? Is it pie, cake, or something in between? #NationalDessertDay is a hashtag on social media. Post photos of #NationalDessertDay in social media.

Dessert FAQ

Q. How much ice cream do Americans eat?

A. Well, in 2019, Americans spent $6 billion on ice cream.

Q. What are America's favorite desserts?

A. America is adored by its cakes, pies, and ice cream. But it also loves cookies and donuts.