World Standards Day - October 14
Sat Oct 14th

World Standards Day

On October 14th, the world's leading experts who create our International Standards are recognized worldwide.

International standards help get work done more effectively. These guidelines also eliminate technological barriers to trade and improve supply chains. Consumers, too, are helped by these guidelines' compliance. They know that their products are safe and beneficial for the earth. These industries and organizations that use international standards include: Some of the industries and organizations that use international standards include:: Some of the industries and organizations that use international standards include::

  • Communication
  • Manufacturing
  • Measurement
  • Science
  • Symbols
  • Time

Braille and the International Code of Signals are two examples of items that necessitate standardization for communication. The manufacturing industry standardizes products such as paper sizes. The tracking time is an excellent example of standardization. We see it in the calendar, time zones, and clocks.

Standards were first introduced at the start of the Industrial Revolution, which prompted the development and implementation of standards. The screw-cutting lathe was one of the first inventions that necessitated standardization. The invention revolutionized the industry. Screw thread lengths were also one of the first standardizations introduced in the United States. Standardization was made possible by electricity harnessing. Voltage, currency, and frequency were developed by countries around the world. The international standard for electrical engineering was introduced due to a lack of effectiveness.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) was established in IEC, the first of its kind, from there. The International Federation of the National Standardization Associations (ISA) was established twenty years ago. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was established by the ISA and the United Nations Standards Coordinating Committee (UNSCC) in October 1946. 25 delegates from various countries were on hand at the UNSCC.

How to be #worldstandardsday on a daily basis

Members of the U.S. standardization community commemorate World Standards Day in Washington, D.C., each October. They have an exhibit, reception, and dinner gala. Various other events are held around the world. These include educational seminars and conferences. Every year, the World Standard Cooperation Association holds a competition to commemorate the day.

Consider how your life is enhanced by international standards in honor of World Standards Day. This could range from knowing the time in another region to using the metric system. #WorldStandardsDay is a worldwide recognition for international standards. To show your appreciation for international standards, post this day on social media with #WorldStandardsDay.

History is a tale of global standards day in the United States

Each year, the International Standards Commission, International Organization for Standardization, and the International Telecommunication Union all support World Standards Day. On October 14th, 1970, the first observance took place. Each year since 1998, the companies choose a theme for the day. Some of the most recent topics have included: Some of the most popular topics have included:

  • 2019: Video standards establish a global stage, according to video standards
  • Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2018: Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Cities are smarter because of the 2017: Standards make cities safer
  • Standards are set in place in 2016: Standards are trusted, and confidence is based on trust
  • Standards: the global common language used in 2015: the world's common language