National Train Your Brain Day | October 13
Fri Oct 13th

National Train Your Brain Day

National Train Your Brain Day, October 13th, brings us all enthralling games and riddles on October 13th. The day, whether you play solo or go up against teams, improves our reasoning skills.


Learning something new is another habit that improves the brain. We focus and tap into our problem-solving skills as we begin to learn a new skill. We're obviously not solving too many problems if we're doing the same thing every day. The brain gets bored. If you watched the same episode of the same TV show every day, you'd get bored, too.

The answer varies when asked by American scientists as to how much brain is used. However, many of them believe that it is only a small minority and that there is still a lot of room for increased learning and knowledge within everyone.

How to prepare your brain day by training your brain

To train your brain, try logic puzzles, brainteasers, and riddles. These are other fun ways to exercise your brain::: Here are some other fun ways to exercise your brain:

  • Download a brain training app from the following links. These devices can be used in a variety of ways to measure your brain
  • Make up your favorite recipes. Try a new style of word game or number puzzle if you often do a crossword puzzle
  • Expand your interests. Take a cooking class or music lessons. Both will help you develop your brain as you learn new skills
  • Whether you're going to the grocery store or to work, take a different route. You may be making improvements to your neighborhood, but you'll also be giving your brain a chance to burn some of the rust

To post on social media, use the hashtag #TrainYourBrainDay.

2022: The brain teaser for 2022: a brain teaser for 2022

You are in a room with three switches and a closed door. On the other side of the door, the switches control three light bulbs. You will never touch the switches again after opening the door. How can you tell which switch is connected to each of the light bulbs?

The answer is…

On the first two switches, the data-stringify-type="italic">Turn. Leave them on for five minutes and let them run for five minutes. Once five minutes have passed, turn off the second switch, leaving only one switch on. Now go through the door. The light that is still on is connected to the first switch. The second switch is connected to the second switch, which is whichever of the two other two is warm to the touch. The bulb that is cold is connected to the switch that was never turned on. (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest) (Credit: Reader's Digest

History of national train your brain day the national train your brain day

The source of this perplexing holiday is still investigating the origins of this perplexing holiday.