National Angel Food Cake Day | October 10
Tue Oct 10th

National Angel Food Cake Day

On October 10th, the delectable, light, and fluffy cake that many home cooks serve with fruit or glazes is commemorated.


Whipping egg whites until they are stiff is required for making angel food cake. The egg whites are stabilized by cream of tartar. The egg white mixture is then folded with additional ingredients.

The cake is then usually baked in an ungreased tube pan, leaving a gap in the middle of the cake. The center tube helps the cake batter rise to a higher temperature than other pans, causing the batter to cling to both sides of the pan. After baking, the pan is inverted while cooling to prevent the cake from falling in on its own.

Usually, rather than frosting, angel food cakes are topped with a glaze or a sweet fruit sauce, as well as a swirl of whipped cream. The Angel food cake also makes beautiful and unique trifles. Fruit, caramel, liqueurs, and chocolate are all well absorbed by the airy layers. The parfait is another dessert that angel food gives an elegant look to.

How to eat angel food cake day?

Bake up an angel food cake to share. You can invite friends to dine with you. Try one of these recipes if you don't have a recipe. There are so many different styles, it's impossible to choose!

Pineapple Angel Food Cake is a fruit of the Pineapple Angel Food Cake. The Orange Angel Food Cake is a fruit cake made by the Orange Angel Food Cake. Strawberry Angel Food Cake is a strawberry Angel Food cake made by the Strawberry Angel Food Cake. Mint Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake is a Mint Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake. Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake Mint Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake. The Lemon Angel Food Cake is a lemon Angel Food cake made by the Lemon Angel Food Cake.

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Angel food FAQ

Is there a National Devil's Food Cake Day? Yes! Yes! National Devil's Food Cake Day is May 19th. National Devil Dog Day is another similar holiday.

Which has more calories, angel food cake, or devil's food cake? The devil's food cake has more calories than the angel food cake, according to A. Ounce for ounce. A 1.5-ounce slice of devil's food cake has 160 calories versus the angel food cake at 110 calories without frosting or without frosting. Add equal amounts of frosting, and the devil's food cake will still have more calories.