International Stage Management Day - October 10
Tue Oct 10th

International Stage Management Day

Every year on October 10th, International Stage Management Day celebrates and acknowledges all the hard work that stage managers do behind the scenes. It's also a day to learn more about what stage managers do.

Do you remember the last time you attended a live performance? Chances are, although you were watching, you didn't know much about what was going on behind the scenes. This is because there is so much activity going right before your very eyes. However, behind the scenes, there is a lot of activity going on.

Stagehands and stage managers are two of the many behind-the-scenes employees that work these behind-the-scenes jobs. Without their hard work, the show simply could not continue without them. Stage managers do all sorts of jobs, including organising furniture and props, arranging costumes, and making sure the actors are accounted for. Another important part of a stage manager's job is to plan and organize rehearsal schedules. The more actors there are, the more difficult it is to do.

Stage managers must have the following skills in order to do their jobs properly.

  • Have excellent communication and have a positive relationship. Have a great deal of communication
  • Well under pressure and deadlines, work well under pressure and deadlines
  • Be a motivator
  • Possess flexibility
  • Be able to plan the work of others

Stage managers must also have knowledge of audio, lights, and other equipment that is required for a performance. Since stage managers control each performance, they often know all of the actors' lines. With all that they do, stage managers are no wonder.

#internationalstagemanagementday is a worldwide stagemanagementday that can be observed by anyone

Every year on this day, stage managers share their findings and ideas with each other and the public. They are trying to inform others what happens behind the scenes during a performance. Stage managers are also encouraged to post photos and videos of their work on various social media pages.

To participate:

  • Learn more about stage managers and what they do
  • During rehearsals, ask a stage manager if you can hang out with them during rehearsals
  • Read about Peter Lawrence, the only stage manager to win a Tony Award
  • Volunteer as a stagehand for your upcoming community performance
  • Watch a film about life in the theater, such as The Producers, High School Musical, and Camp

#InternationalStageManagementDay is a hashtag that should be shared on social media. Don't forget to post this day on social media with #InternationalStageManagementDay.

The international stage management day is the longest in history

On October 10, 2013, the Stage Management Association (SMA) established the first Stage Management Day (SMA) in the United States. According to Andy Rowley, executive director of the SMA, countries around the world observed the day. These countries included New Zealand, Australia, Australia, U.K., United States, and the United States of America, as well as Europe. The day was shortened to International Stage Management Day due to its worldwide success.