National Pro-Life Cupcake Day | October 9
Mon Oct 9th

National Pro-life Cupcake Day

National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, October 9th, encourages open discussion and a swap of cupcakes on October 9th.


On this day, cupcakes are baked to honor those who have yet to be born. The day also raises concerns about the issue of abortion. Cupcakes are a delicious way to start a discussion on a difficult topic.

Baking cupcakes are encouraged by the organizers and are given to neighbors, relatives, and even strangers. Although not everyone will agree, discussions may be started. Some may prefer not to participate at all, while others will participate in the discussion, even though they disagree.

How to Celebrate pro-life cupcake Day on Pro-Life Cup Day

Make a cupcake and start a discussion. To post on social media, use the hashtag #ProLifeCupcakeDay.

History of pro-life cupcake day has a long tradition

Cupcakes for Life was founded the day as a positive way to address pro-life issues.