International Beer and Pizza Day - October 9
Mon Oct 9th

International Beer And Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day, October 9th, honors one of the world's best combinations of food and drink on October 9th. It's also a day to celebrate the good things in life.

What are some of your most popular food and drink pairings? Is it milk and cookies? Cheese and wine pairings? Donuts and coffee? What about beer and pizza? This food and drink definitely look like they were made for each other. Many would agree that certain brands of beer are particularly good with certain types of pizza. This is because pizza and beer enhance or compare flavors with each other.

For example, Margherita pizza pairs well with a pale ale. The ale's malt flavor complements the pizza's toasty crust. Try it with a classic cheese pizza if you like light beer. With a stout, mushroom and spinach pizza is a hit. Pepperoni pizza and an India Pale Ale are two of the many dishes to try is pepperoni pizza and an India Pale Ale. Some people, on the other hand, like any kind of beer with any kind of pizza. If you don't drink alcohol, you don't have to be concerned about being left out. Pizza also tastes great with non-alcoholic beer, which is also great with non-alcoholic beer.

How to celebrate #beerandpizzaday

Many pizza shops and restaurants have specials on pizza and beer on this day. This day, small town breweries, beer companies, and multinational pizza chains all celebrate. If you are over the legal drinking age, the best way to remember this day is to have a beer with your pizza. You may even have a beer and pizza party with your friends and family. Try a new kind of beer or pizza you've never tried before.

You may want to watch one of these movies with great pizza scenes as you eat your pizza and drink your beer.

  • Iron Man
  • Home Alone 2
  • Do the Right Thing
  • II. Back to the Future II
  • Where Is My Car? Dude, Where Is My Car?
  • Wayne's World

With #InternationalBeerAndPizzaDay, don't forget to post a snapshot of your favorite beer and pizza combo on social media.

International beer and pizza day history has a long tradition of international beer and pizza day

In 2016, International Beer and Pizza Day was founded by Nick Saulino, a beer enthusiast, pizza connoisseur, and web developer, who founded International Beer and Pizza Day. His aim was to pay tribute to one of the world's most popular food and drink pairings.