National Pierogi Day | October 8
Sun Oct 8th

National Pierogi Day

National Pierogi Day, October 8th, recognizes an international dish that is a sort of dumpling.


Pierogi is the plural form of the seldom used Polish word pierog. We spell pierogi in English, including perogy and pierogy. These dumplings of unleavened dough bring a hearty meal to the table, however you choose to spell it. The semicircular dough is often stuffed with savory fillings before being boiled. After boiling them, the cook will either bake or fry the dumplings in butter to finish cooking them.

Pierogi Combinations: Pierogi Combinations: Pierogi Combinations:

  • The mashed potato filling was stuffed with mashed potato filling
  • potato and cheese
  • potato and onion
  • cheese
  • cabbage
  • sauerkraut
  • ground meat
  • mushroom
  • spinach or fruit

Other pierogi servings include melted butter, sour cream, fried bacon crumbles, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms, and/or green onion. The dessert variety, which are usually filled with fruit filling, can be served with applesauce, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and/or whipped cream.

In other ethnic cuisines, there are other similar types of dumpling-like dishes.

Pierogi in the United States was popularized by Eastern European immigrants. Immigrants were first served pierogi to only their families at first. Pierogi was also served in ethnic restaurants, but ethnic restaurants also served pierogi. Ethnic churches sold pierogi as a staple fundraiser after World War II. In several areas of the United States, grocery stores began selling pierogi for the frozen food aisles by the 1960s. In fact, grocery stores still sell them today.

Although some people eat pierogi as a main dish in other countries, Americans typically think of them as a side dish.

Pierogi tid bits

  • At every home game, the Pittsburgh Pirates hold a pierogi contest. The finish line between innings runs six pierogi costume-wearing runners (Potato Pete, Jalapeo Hannah, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul, Oliver Onion, and Bacon Burt) race to the finish line between innings Six pierogi costume-wearing runners (Potato Pete, Jalapeo Hannah, Jalapeo Hannah, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul, Oliver Onion, and Bacon Burt
  • Every July, Whiting, Indiana, celebrates an annual Pierogi Festival
  • A 6000-pound pierogi stands 25 feet tall and is made of durable fiberglass and steel, and is home to a 6000-pound pierogi in Glendon, Alberta, Canada. Piercing the massive pierogi, which was built-in 1991, is a similar giant fork

How to celebrate national pierogi day

Make some pierogi while making dinner. Some of your friends are invited to pierogi by Then. It's a delectable way to celebrate with both savory and dessert pierogi. Guests are encouraged to bring their favorite fillings and create a buffet. Try this one out if you're looking for a recipe!

Pierogi recipe

To post on social media, have some pierogi and hashtag #NationalPierogiDay.

Pierogi FAQ

Q. Is pierogi fruit-filled? Yes! Yes! Pierogi do not have to be the main dish, not having to be the main dish. Fruit can also be packed into them. To make a delectable dessert, dust them with powdered sugar.

Q. What should I do with pierogi?

A. Pierogis can be a heavy dish. So adding some acidic sides will help reduce the fat. These include: Some ideas include:: Some suggestions include:

  • Salads drizzled with a vinaigrette are drizzled with a vinaigrette
  • Potatoes with sour cream are served with sour cream on sour cream potatoes
  • With a bacon crumble, brussels sprouts were served with a bacon crumble
  • Fresh or roasted vegetables can be used to make roasted or fresh vegetables