National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day | October 7
Sat Oct 7th

National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day

The sweet and salty goodness of National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day is officially recognized on October 7th. If they're dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate, be sure to celebrate every delectable pretzel bite.


Salty, crunchy pretzels, and chocolate are the gold mines of snacking, and their combination is the epitome of the oh-so-popular sweet and salty flavor craze. Chocolate can be changed from white to milk to dark chocolate, and they're sure to please even a mild sweet tooth.

The chocolate covered pretzel has a long tradition in the chocolate covered pretzel case

Many creative stories have been posted to explain how pretzels and chocolate came together. One tale tells of a German baker and his chocolatier neighbor in the 1500s collaborating to dip pretzels. However, this theory is purely imagination. The tale may become a little clearer if you decipher the history of pretzels and chocolate.

Chocolate historians chronicle the tale of chocolate quite well. However, anyone dipping pretzels into chocolate back in the 1500s would have had a soggy mess. Why? Why? Because only drinking chocolate was available in those days, only chocolate was available in those days. Casparus van Houten Sr. invented a method to distinguish the cocoa solids from the butter nearly 300 years ago. Chocolate is the most popular, versatile ingredient we have today. In 1828, Then's inception in 1828 started a candy revolution that culminated in the introduction of the most unique, versatile ingredient we have today: chocolate.

In 1861, the first commercial hard pretzels, the kind that makes chocolate's combination irresistible, were sold in 1861. Julius Sturgis, a baker in Lititz, Pennsylvania, opened a bakery in a house built around 1784. He used a dish that had been given to him by an unidentified friend. It's unclear how long people were making hard pretzels before then.

Two delectable treats, chocolate, and pretzels, were introduced sometime after that. However, the point is that the celebrations are about to begin now! We also celebrate all shapes and sizes of chocolate covered pretzels. There are pretzels that will put your favorite coffee shop to shame, beyond the twists, rings, and rods. Chocolate covered pretzels adorn cakes, bars, and even ice cream. Who wouldn't want to find an assortment of their favorite sweet and salty snack in a party bag as unique favors?

How to celebrate national chocolate covered pretzel day on national chocolate covered pretzel day

Select your favorite combination of pretzels, chocolate, and toppings from our sample pack. A few, gift a few, but don't forget to pamper yourself, too!) Add chocolate covered pretzel pieces to popcorn or dip them into Nutella or ice cream, or dip them into Nutella or ice cream. By posting #ChocolateCoveredPretzelDay photos on social media, the couple reveal your favorite indulgences.

The national chocolate covered pretzel day is the longest in the history of national chocolate covered pretzel day in the United States

In 2019, Fatty Sundays established National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day to celebrate the most delectable snack of all time. We're curious why it took so long to find chocolate covered pretzels in the first place because there are so many creative ways to savor and enjoy chocolate covered pretzels.

About fatty sundays

Ali Borowick Zmishlany and Lauren Borowick, two sisters, co-founded Fatty Sundays, a Brooklyn-based gourmet chocolate covered pretzel company co-founded by 2 sisters Ali Borowick Zmishlany and Lauren Borowick. The sisters set out to reinvent and modernize everyone's favorite sweet and salty snack, inspired by their Mom Karen's popular sprinkles pretzels. Since 2012, their fun flavor list and family market have been on the rise as they continue to sell their unique pretzels and gifts around the world.

All of Fatty Sundays pretzels are dipped in rich-quality, milk, dark, or white chocolate and then decorated with a variety of flavored toppings. Toffee, Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, and the oh-so-classic rainbow Sprinkles are among their best-selling flavors. Fatty Sundays is a gourmet chocolate covered pretzels that are available in a variety of colors and design their own packaging, in addition to the standard flavor pretzels. Their custom pretzels and gifts are perfect for any special occasions or holidays. All products are available in the United States and Canada year-round, Fatty Sundays ships all products year round.