National Plus Size Appreciation Day | October 6
Fri Oct 6th

National Plus Size Appreciation Day

On October 6, National Plus Size Appreciation Day honors the beautiful men and women who may be larger than life in so many ways. All size boxes are available for Extraordinary beauty.


This page could be used to describe plus-size men and women, but we'll have to remember that more than half of the population of the United States is plus-sized. That means that large and tall, full-bodied, and robust people fill positions that necessitate well-rounded and amply trained individuals. With this talent pool comes buying power that some retailers have yet to comprehend.

The event honors our plus-size population's intelligence and refiner. Put your best self forward when it comes to being bigger, taller, or curvier. Show your style, flair, and stunning self!

How to celebrate plus size appreciation day on a plus size appreciation day

How we look affects our daily lives, no matter how old we are or how we look. Whether you are plus size or not, take into account the importance you place on your outward appearance, contributions to others' lives, and relationships. On this day, build confidence in someone you know. Celebrate accomplishments and thank one another.

Other ways to participate: Here are some other ways to participate:

  • Try the latest fashion. We can step out with confidence in the world with clothes that fit and are fashionable
  • Consider expanding your plus-size pick. Listen to your clientele and suggest the look and style they like
  • Show your favorite look by posting a link. Don't be afraid to brag, don't be afraid to brag
  • If you're all dressed up, go out on the town

To post on social media, use #PlusSizeAppreciationDay.

The national plus size appreciation day is the longest in national plus size appreciation day in history

Women Rock, Inc. founded National Plus Size Appreciation Day in order to boost the morale of many women and men around the world. Despite society's mistrust of how we should look, Women Rock INC, founded in 2016 is on a journey of self-love.