National Apple Betty Day | October 5
Thu Oct 5th

National Apple Betty Day

On October 5, fall ushers in National Apple Betty Day with a sweet aroma of apples baked in cinnamon and oats.


The Betty or Brown Betty is an American variant that is similar to apple crisp, crumble, or cobbler. Most Apple Betty recipes call for cinnamon, sugar, and butter to make the crumbs that top sliced apples. Occasionally, oats or flour are added, as well.

Apple Betty recipes heat the house and fill it with delectable scents as the outside temperatures begin to fall outside. Apple Betty recipes also encourage a child's hand to help prepare the dessert, making it a family affair. This dessert is also great during the season. Tart apples are just off the tree, so call out for fall recipes like these.

How to celebrate apple betty day

Try these Apple Betty recipes: You will love these Apple Betty dishes:

Apple Betty Apple Brown Betty Apple Brown Betty of Grandma Betty is a fruit of Apple Brown Betty.

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Apple betty FAQ

Q. What kind of apples are best for making an Apple Betty? Crisp apples, like A. Tart's, are best for making an Apple Betty. Apples like Granny Smith and Braeburn keep up to baking, and when mixed with the sugar and other ingredients, they will not be overly sweet.

What is the difference between an apple betty, apple cobbler, and apple crisp?

A. Both three desserts bring out the flavor of crisp, tart apples. They also infuse the house with the scent of fall. However, each one's textures are different from the others. An apple betty is topped with a crumble made from flour, butter, and spices. To help it rise, Apple cobbler is topped with a cake-like batter and baking soda. Apple crisp is certainly the most similar to apple betty's. Apple crisp recipes, on the other hand, typically call for oats in the topping to create a coarser texture.

Q. What other apple-themed days are on the calendar?

A. There are several apple days on the calendar. National Carmel Apple Day comes to an end in October, and National Eat a Red Apple Day wraps up the year in December with apple-themed days.