Thu Oct 5th

World Teachers' Day

On October 5th, teachers and tutor organisations that play a vital role in the education and development of our future leaders.


If you look back to your elementary years, you are bound to think of at least one teacher who made a difference in your life. Perhaps they set you on the right career path. One may have pushed you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Or perhaps they helped you when you felt unaccepted by your peers. Even though a teacher's job is to teach, teachers still wear many hats. They are also counselors and friends. They may even be guardian angels to some students.

Although teaching is certainly a noble career, it is also a challenging one. Teachers seem to be having a difficult time more than ever. Disruptive environments, a lack of resources, and limited time are all three of the things they encounter in the classroom each day. It can be difficult to give personalized attention to teachers with many students.

It's more important than ever to understand the demanding work they do as teachers prepare students for the future.

How to follow a world teacher's day in the world teacher's day

Teachers' knowledge is shared around the world on World Teacher's Day, UNESCO and Education International (EI) campaigns give the world a better understanding of teachers. Teachers play a vital part in modern societies, according to them. Teachers are honored at events in more than 100 countries to honor teachers. To show appreciation for teachers, many schools hold celebratory breakfasts or special assemblies.

To celebrate World Teacher's Day, the best thing you can do is to honor a teacher who made a positive difference in your life. As well, praise your children's teachers. If you know a teacher, give them a gift card or take them out for lunch.

If you're a student, be sure to thank your teachers for all they do to ensure you get a good education. Students probably don't take their teachers apples anymore, but they certainly will not drink coffee or chocolate. On social media, use #WorldTeachersDay and post pictures of your favorite teacher.

History of the world teacher's day is the event of a global teacher's day

In 1994, UNESCO declared October 5 to be World Teachers' Day. Teachers took the October 5th in 1966, when a significant change was made for teachers in 1966. The UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers was adopted by a special intergovernmental conference in Paris. The Recommendation establishes benchmarks for teacher's rights. It also sets minimums for teacher preparation, teaching, and learning conditions.

Every year there is a new theme for World Teachers Day. Some of the most recent ones include:: Some of the most recent ones include::

Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession in 2019: Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession.

2018: The right to education does not equate to the right to education, which also guarantees the right to a qualified teacher.

Empowering Teachers, 2017: Empowering Teachers.

Valuing Teachers, Improving their Position, Improving their Status, 2016: Valuing Teachers, Improving their Position, Improving their Status.