National Get Funky Day | October 5
Thu Oct 5th

National Get Funky Day

On October 5th, National Get Funky Day will help you find your groove and Get Funky.


Turn up the energy, lift the mood, smile, laugh, and dance. Share the joy wherever you go. This day, everyone is encouraged to step out of their funk and get funky. It's also fun when we add a little spice to our daily routine. Watch customer, coworkers, and loved ones' interactions change as a result of their interactions. Funkiness is infectious! National Get Funky Day invites you to celebrate life, spread love, laughter, and light.

How to celebrate national get funky day on national get funky day

Get out of fashion by wearing the brightest clothes, dance to happy music, smile, laugh, let your hair down, high five, and hug people. Have a dance, help a neighbor, be positive, and have fun! Get Funky! Whatever you do, take a step out of your comfort zone and Get Funky! The aim is to create as much optimism as possible, so that the day will go down as the funkiest in History.

To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalGetFunkyDay to post.

National get funky day history has a long tradition in the United States

Funkytown Fitness founded National Get Funky Day to help people get out of their comfort zones and let loose for a fun and exciting day around the country. When people get Funky, they get excited, they have fun, and the world becomes a more positive place. This day, the incredible way the families came together to assist complete strangers in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Funky FAQ

What does the word "funky" really mean? Q. What does the word "funky" mean? Since the late 16th century, A. Funky has had various meanings. Funky often refers to a strong odor. Cheese can have a funky odor (and that can be good or bad). Funky also evolved as a term used in the field of music, especially jazz, to indicate acceptance. It later developed to a distinct style of music (funk) and the associated style, attitude, or sound.

Q. What is the difference between being in a groove and being in a rut?

A. Although both a groove and a rut refer to similar things such as a worn down or track, they mean different things. If you're in a groove, you're going right along, enjoying your favorite habits, and generally enjoying life. If you're in a rut, you're probably stuck. The routines you've created aren't as exciting as they once were.