National Techies Day | October 3
Tue Oct 3rd

National Techies Day

On October 3rd, National Techies Day encourages students to consider a career in technology. Students interested in a career in technology will find promising options everywhere they look. With so many career choices in the growing technology industry, students interested in a career in technology will find promising options everywhere.


Engine Advocacy in 2012 commissioned a study by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute in California, which was published in California. According to the survey, four more jobs are established for every high-tech occupation. That's a lot of economic growth generated by one industry alone.

The technology sector will continue to grow by 2030, while other occupations will decline. Although the future of work shifts, one thing remains constant – technology. Healthcare technologies will continue to grow by nearly 50%. While academic research is on the rise, surgeons and medicine are taking advanced technologies to a whole new level. They need software engineers who can maintain the machines and educate the medical staff, which is why they're so popular.

Every day, manufacturing advances technology and medical advancements lead to the advancement of technology. When considering the future of the car industry alone, specialized technology keeps up the demand for qualified professionals.

Every day, software development continues to expand. However, we cannot ignore our future needs if we investigate technology's effect on manufacturing, defense, and global environmental solutions. The students in the classroom will be the future's educated, well-equipped technology-savvy employees of tomorrow. We need them to be.

Take note that National Techies Day falls on National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Our electronics are encrypted and safe, according to Techies, who guarantees that our equipment are safe and secure. They create the applications and help us maintain our computers, smart devices, and other items. Find a techie today if you don't protect your computers.

How to track national techies day in the United States

National Techies Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. Consider these ways to participate in the celebrations beyond thanking all the techies you know.

  • Host is the host of a work fair at a high school
  • Share your experiences with technology. Inspire a student to learn more about learning more
  • Where a spark exists, encourage an interest in technology
  • Learn more about the latest breakthrough technologies that are changing the world

On social media, use the hashtag #NationalTechiesDay to post.

The national techies day celebrations in the United States have a long tradition

National Techies Day was introduced in America to meet a growing demand for workers with advanced technical skills. Nearly 60% of new jobs in 1999 were projected to require advanced technical skills that Americans didn't have in 1999. Kids are encouraged to embrace computer science and even the monikers that are often associated with new technology, as well as the monikers that are often attached to modern technology.