National Produce Misting Day | October 2
Mon Oct 2nd

National Produce Misting Day

On October 2nd, National Produce Misting Day honors the innovation of growing fruits and vegetables fresh. Produce remains crisp, plump, hydrated, and nutrient-dense, according to Misted fingertips, who are rest assured that the product is still crisp, plump, hydrated, and nutrient-dense.


We always start fresh every time, given the choice between fresh and tired produce. Who needs dried-out vegetables after all?

Grocers threw away too much dated merchandise before automatic misting systems were introduced. No one likes to waste food, particularly those in the industry. Grocers soaked burlap potato sacks in water as a remedy. They were arrested at night because of their stock. The fruits and vegetables were not drying out because of the wet sacks. They even used this technique to cheeses. Although this nightly job was rewarding, it was labour-intensive. There had to be a better way.

Eventually, there was. In 1979, a new product or two came along that changed how we get our fresh food. The grocery industry was revolutionized by automatic produce misting machines. Although these methods extended the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, they also increased the variety of foods available.

Before, exotic food was delivered in refrigerated trucks, but the time for distance traveled drastically reduced their shelf life. With the support of hydration, exotic foods had a chance now. Customers no longer have to wait for vacation to savor a delicacy that has long been popular. Customers are begging grocers to order foreign ingredients to make exotic dishes fresh in their homes.

These technologies make shopping for delectable and nutritious food simple today. It also increases accessibility here and around the world.

How to celebrate produce misting day and how to celebrate produce misting day

Get your fingers wrong! Pick out your favorite fresh produce or try something new. Don't be afraid to try the dish you've been dreaming about. Thanks to produce misting equipment, your grocer likely has the exotic vegetable you need. Your dish is now possible!

When you're shopping, be sure to check when the skeptics start working. Tell someone that it's #ProduceMistingDay. Use #ProduceMistingDay on social media to post your favorite fresh recipes. Don't forget to shout out to your local grocer for misting your fingers and delivering delectable, fresh produce.

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History has shown that the national produce mistaging day has occurred

In 2018, Corrigan Corporation of America established National Produce Misting Day to highlight the fascinating history of the innovative engineering that brings fresh produce to our local stores. They honor and praise Jack Corrigan, who is credited with inventing the first patents for automatic produce misting systems back in 1979 and his son Mike Corrigan for having the courage to bring it to market.

Jack Corrigan, the owner of the Carrot Top produce market, also had a civil engineering background. He combined his two passions and set to work out of necessity. Corrigan's inventions led to the invention of new products and a market-leading manufacturing company.