International Coffee Day- October 1
Sun Oct 1st

International Coffee Day

Every year on October 1st, International Coffee Day honors one of the world's most popular beverages. It's also a day to promote fair trade coffee and raise concerns about the coffee growers' plight.

It's likely that coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages. In fact, coffee is the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea. Each month, almost 10 million bags of coffee around the world are exported each month. Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee a day in the United States. That sounds like a lot of coffee! You may be surprised to learn that the United States does not even rank in the top ten for coffee-addicted countries.

The following are the top ten countries that consume the most coffee: The most popular coffee is found in the top ten countries The most popular coffee drinkers in the top ten countries include::

  1. the Netherlands

  2. Finland

  3. Sweden

  4. Norway

  5. Canada

  6. Lebanon

  7. Germany

  8. Brazil

  9. Qatar

  10. Switzerland

The United States ranks 14th among the world's most dependent on coffee, ranking 14th in the list. So many people drink coffee for one reason. This drink contains caffeine, which helps to stimulate the nervous system. People are encouraged, refreshed, and focused as a result of this in turn. Drinking the right amount of coffee each day has also been shown to longer lives, reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, and liver protection.

How to celebrate #international coffee day by observing #international coffee day

A cup of Joe is the best way to commemorate this day. Why not have two cups since this day is special? On this day, many coffee shops are offering free or discounted coffee. You can also find out how baristas make various types of coffee drinks. Other ways to participate include:: Here are some other ways to participate:

  • Pour a cup of coffee with a friend
  • Try a new brand of coffee or coffee drink you've never tried before
  • "From Crop to Cup," "Black Gold," "Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake-Up Call" or "Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake-Up Call" are among the coffee roasting films on coffee production
  • Read "Uncommon Grounds" by Mark Pendergrast or "Coffee Obsession" by Anette Moldvaer, a book that informs you about coffee

With #InternationalCoffeeDay, you will post a snapshot of you with your cup of coffee on social media with #InternationalCoffeeDay.

The international coffee day's history has a long tradition

For many years, the United States has had its own National Coffee Day. The day was referred to as International Coffee Day at the New Orleans Coffee Festival in October of 2009. China later promoted the international day. The international day was later promoted by China. Taiwan celebrated its first International Coffee Day in 2009. Nepal and Indonesia followed suit, with Nepal and Indonesia following suit. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) in 2014 suggested that International Coffee Day (ICO) make International Coffee Day a formal event. International Coffee Day was held in many countries around the world on October 1, 2015. Today, the 77 member states of the ICO, as well as scores of coffee clubs from around the world, participate in the annual event.