International Translation Day - September 30
Sat Sep 30th

International Translation Day

On September 30th, the International Translation Day, honoring language experts who provide translation and interpretation services. Translators translate nations together, promote dialogue, and contribute to global peace in doing so.

Over 6,500 spoken languages are spoken in the world. It's difficult to get over language barriers. Translators and interpreters make it possible to do so. Translation and interpretation are two different things. The written word is translated into translation. Interpretation is based on the spoken word.

A translator is required if a book or report needs to be translated to another language. Interpreters interpret spoken information and make it understandable in another language. However, interpretation isn't limited to knowing another word. Interpreters must understand the history as well as interpreters.

When it comes to assisting individuals in better understanding one another, both translators and interpreters are vital. When it comes to starting a new company in a foreign country, they make a difference. They also support patients in hospitals, students in colleges, and foreign newspaper reporters who work in international countries.

Translators and interpreters are in high demand due to the demand. Translator and interpreter jobs in the United States are projected to increase by 29% by 2024. Spanish, Russian, French, and German are among the most in-demand languages. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Korean are all other languages that are steadily increasing in demand.

How to recognize #internationaltranslationday

The English Translation Service at UN Headquarters has held the UN St. Jerome Translation Competition every year since 2005. Students from select universities and staff at select universities are encouraged to participate. This competition honors the best translations in Arabic, Chinese, English, and other languages. Multilingualism is the aim of this project. The competition also highlights the crucial role of translators and interpreters in diplomacy. The competition is held on International Translation Day.

Since 2018, the American Translators Association has also participated in International Translation Day. The ASA is celebrating by using social media to inform the public about the role of professional translators and interpreters.

  • To participate in International Translation Day: To participate in International Translation Day
  • Brush up on a language you learned in high school
  • Make it a goal to start learning a new language
  • Consider what it would be like for others not to know your language
  • Watch a foreign film
  • Listen to songs in various languages

Do you know someone who has trouble speaking English? Do you know someone who has a problem speaking English? Make a point to help them learn the language better.

If you've ever been in a situation where there was a language barrier, please share your story on social media. #InternationalTranslationDay is used on #InternationalTranslationDay. #InternationalTranslationDay is used on #InternationalTranslationDay.

The international translation day is the first international translation day in history, according to the international translation day

Since its inception in 1953, the International Federation of Translators (FIT) has been commemorating translation day. In 1991, the FIT wanted to have an officially recognized International Translation Day. The United Nations passed a resolution naming September 30 as International Translation Day, but it wasn't until 2017 that the UN passed a resolution naming September 30 as International Translation Day.

The Feast of St. Jerome, the patron Saint of translators, is September 30th. St. Jerome is credited with translating the majority of the Bible from Latin and Hebrew to Greek. He died on September 30th, 420 years ago.