Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day | September 29
Fri Sep 29th

Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day

The 101 urban national wildlife refuges in the United States are commemorated on September 29, Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day in the United States. That is nearly 1/5 of the country's total refugees.


To be classified as an urban national wildlife refuge, the unit must be within 25 miles of an urban area of 250,000 residents or greater. These refuges provide communities with ample green space for outdoor recreation, including hiking, bird watching, canoeing, fishing, and hunting. They also provide a variety of educational opportunities. Over 80% of the population of the United States lives in urban areas. Having access to a wildlife preserve not only enhances our quality of life, but also improves our quality of life.

The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the first urban national wildlife refuge established in the United States. The 1000-acre refuge also includes a 285-acre freshwater tidal marsh, which was established in 1972. Refuges like this one provide visitors with the opportunity to see wildlife up close and personal. Since then, the US Department of Interior has listed 100 more urban wildlife refuges in more than 30 states.

The day encourages us to explore the wildlife refuges near where we live. When hiking or canoeing, enjoy nature at its best. Take in the beauty and breathe in the fresh air.

How to observe urban wildlife refuge day?

Explore the trails or drop a fishing line into the water on Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day. The refugee near you has the educational opportunities that the refugee offers. Several refugees have fled: The following are among the many refugees:

  • Wildlife protests are on display at Wildlife International
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  • Horseback riding, hiking, bicycling, or birding are all options on horseback riding, hiking, biking, bicycling, or birding
  • Nature or cultural activities are in play
  • Volunteering opportunities are available in Volunteering
  • Picnic areas
  • Interpretive centers
  • Nature photography opportunities are plentiful in Nature photography

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The first urban national wildlife refuge day in history was the first national wildlife refugee day in the United States

Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day was first established in 2018 by the United States Congress, which was first declared Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day to be observed in 2018.