National Chocolate Milk Day | September 27
Wed Sep 27th

National Chocolate Milk Day

On September 27th, each year on September 27th, people enjoy a tall, frosty glass to commemorate National Chocolate Milk Day.


Sir Hans Sloane, an Irish-born doctor, invented the chocolatey drink in the late 1680s. Sloane jumped at the chance when offered the position of personal physician to an English Duke in Jamaica. The naturalist in him, Jamaica, is attracted to him.

Sloane was introduced to a local drink while in Jamaica while visiting Jamaica. The locals mixed cocoa and water together. However, when Sloane tried it, he reported the taste to be nauseating. The doctor discovered a way to mix cocoa with milk after some experiments. The creamy blend made it a more refreshing-tasting drink. Sloane returned to England with the chocolate recipe in hand years later. apothecaries began using the concoction as a medicine at first.

Chocolate milk enthusiasts delight in a variety of ways as a child. It can be purchased pre-mixed by the jug or individual serving. Powders and syrups allow us to make it as chocolatey as we like at home for a custom mix.

How to celebrate chocolate milk day in a chocolate milk day

There are so many ways to enjoy chocolate milk. Premix or powder? How about chocolate syrup? We can also choose from skim, 2%, and whole milk. And don't forget almond, cashew, coconut, or oat milk. Which one makes the best chocolate milk? Which one makes up the best chocolate milk?

Make your chocolate milk to drink by mixing up some chocolate milk and chocolate milk. Invite a friend to attend the dinner with you. Besides, the best way to #CelebrateEveryDay is with others. On social media, post your event using the hashtag #ChocolateMilkDay.