National Johnny Appleseed Day | September 26
Tue Sep 26th

National Johnny Appleseed Day

We celebrate the man who made apple (and pear) trees grow abundant with the bounty of their fruit in most of this world on National Johnny Appleseed Day. On September 26th, we commemorate the day of his birth and honor his legendary wit, wisdom, and enduring tale.


Early life

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Simons Chapman was born John Chapman on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts, to Nathaniel and Elizabeth Simons Chapman. Nobody knows much about his early life other than his mother, who died when he was two. Johnny and his sister (an infant brother had died the previous year) and moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where his father and his sister (an infant brother had died the previous year) and moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. His father served as a Minuteman and fought at Bunker Hill, and fought at Bunker Hill. A grave in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the legendary sower of apple seeds rests, is a grave.

From chapman to appleseed, chapman to appleseed, from chapman to appleseed

Chapman, a 1797 entrepreneur from northwestern Pennsylvania, is seen in northwestern Pennsylvania, planting his apple seeds and working his way steadily into the frontier of West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana. Eventually, he travels as far west as Illinois and Iowa, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin.

Appleseed left orchards and Emanuel Swedenborg's teachings in his wake. Appleseed, a Swedish spiritual king, whose books Appleseed would buy with whatever compensation he might receive for his work. In turn, the traveling nurseryman would give the books away as he traveled and planted.

Mostly, though, he planted his seeds and seedlings for free along with his wisdom. Wherever he went, his broad-brimmed pasteboard hat shielded the sun from his eyes. Often shoeless, he travelled mainly by foot and occasionally by horseback or canoe. His appearance was almost as impressive as his achievements, but so was his kindness. People gathered around the table if Johnny Appleseed came calling.

According to several stories, the man would fly many miles to care for an ailing orchard if word would alert him of its poor health. The orchard man dispersed his wisdom, care, and kindness while returning the trees back to health (his chief aim).


Throughout the Midwest, landmarks dot the countryside in honor of the man who brought fruit to the frontier. Johnny Appleseed's first tree nursery in Warren County, Pennsylvania, claims to Johnny Appleseed's first tree nursery. The man is honored in South Park by a monument in Mansfield, Ohio.

A young nation has a whole park named after the man who tended the land and made apple trees bloom in Springfield, Massachusetts.

On either March 11th or September 26th, Johnny Appleseed Day is commemorated. Although Appleseed's official birth date is September, the March observance is often chosen due to the planting season. Despite the fact that there is some mystery surrounding Appleseed's death and burial, it is known he became sick in early March and died shortly after.

How to celebrate johnny appleseed day on johnny appleseed day

Savour a delectable apple as the fruit ripens on these fall days. Consider visiting a landmark near you. Share an apple treat or read one of the many Johnny Chapman stories. To post on social media, use the hashtag #JohnnyAppleseedDay.

Appleeed day is the oldest national johnny appleseed day in history

The creator or founder of this fabled national day is still researching the origins or founder of this fabled national holiday.