National Compliance Officer Day | September 26
Tue Sep 26th

National Compliance Officer Day

National Compliance Officer Day, September 26th, honors the professionals who control an organization's policies, policies, and procedures, assuring it conducts business ethically. These professionals carry a heavy burden legally.


Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers, or similar high-pressure positions are employed by businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. These professionals not only control these organizations' policies, but also respond to allegations of misconduct and investigate procedures. They make changes when necessary. In addition, they collaborate with teams to help make the right decisions for the company to maintain compliance in order to ensure compliance.

Compliance Officers must be able to analyze complicated problems and promote ethical conduct in order to be effective. Company environments are also evolving. A compliance officer responds to those changes as appropriate. Often their fast-paced schedules put a lot of risk and anxiety. They are responsible for the protection and monitoring of thousands of employees. Although they don't have superpowers, Compliance Officers are all superheroes in the eyes of the companies they protect.

Compliance Officers are so important because it's the threat of abuses, as well as the financial and reputational harm that surrounds them. Organizations value their research and ability to determine risk factors. A Compliance Officer's ability to help avoid costly ethical and regulatory offences protects an organization's image and more.

How to celebrate compliance officer day? How to track compliance officer day

Recognize your Compliance Officers for their contributions to doing the right thing and shaping your company's culture.

Use #ComplianceOfficerDay on social media to shout out to the ethics and compliance professionals in your company that help you do the right thing. Make ethical decisions and remain compliant while still being environmentally aware. Learn more about this day by joining the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn, and visiting to learn more about this day.

The first national compliance officer day in history, as well as the national compliance officer day

This is the first day of the Society of Corporate Governance and Ethics' 15th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, where SAI Global announced National Compliance Officer Day on September 26th. National Compliance Officer Day was established by SAI Global to honor the dedicated men and women who are the foundation of a successful company's reputation.