Math Storytelling Day | September 25
Mon Sep 25th

Math Storytelling Day

Math Storytelling Day, on September 25th, encourages people to share their tales by math. This is a day to celebrate all the ways math enhances our daily lives.


Through stories and games, the day is a great opportunity to get children excited about math. Math stories can include logic, patterns, puzzles, and numbers. Math jokes and sing songs about math are included in this series. It's an excellent way to learn math and promote learning.

How to celebrate math storytelling day?

Read more math stories, make up new ones, and listen to others who have even more math facts. The day is celebrated in a variety of ways, including: Terrific ways to commemorate the day.

  • Math collages
  • Create a math storybook from scratch. Create a math storybook. Create a math storybook
  • Play a storytelling game Play a storytelling game
  • Develop math puzzles that tell a tale. Develop math puzzles that tell a tale

To post on social media, use the hashtag #MathStorytellingDay.

History of national math storytelling day has a long tradition

In 2009, Math Storytelling Day was founded by the Natural Math Community of Dr. Maria Droujkova was inspired after reading a blog post by Seth Godin titled "What should I do on your birthday?" Dr. Maria Droujkova said. When making birthday wishes to family members, Seth encouraged readers to think bigger than themselves. Dr. Dr. Droujkova's birthday, September 25th, took the idea to heart and announced Math Story Day would be shared with colleagues and families. Not only did Dr. Droujkova share math stories, but Sue, the first person to respond, shared a birthday with Dr. Droujkova.