National Tune-Up Day | September 25
Mon Sep 25th

National Tune-up Day

On September 25th, National Tune-Up Day, reminding homeowners to plan for the winter heating season.


homeowners should tune up their heating systems every year in anticipation of seasonal transitions, according to heating and cooling experts. These tune-ups make sure that the devices are operating as efficiently as possible.

The following items are included in a heating system tune-up:

  • Dust and dirt can be removed from your vents, as shown by the above
  • Checking to see that all your vents are not blocked or leaky
  • Ensuring that your fuel jets are operating properly is a huge step

In addition, combustion gases should be tested and compared to your furnace's specifications. To ensure a tight seal at the furnace, the blower access door needs to be checked. Checking fresh air intake grills for blockage and fire is also recommended, as well as torch and fire testing. Also check the drainage system for blockage and leakage when examining the furnace. Drains and traps also need to be tested. In addition, the blower wheel, motor, wiring, and all filters should be tested for corrosion and damage. When doing your furnace tune-up, heating contractors follow an extensive checklist.

A heating system tune-up saves electricity and saves heating costs by lowering heating bills.

How to plan national tune-up day

Enjoy a cozy winter. Tune up your heating system. In addition, you should give a shout out to the technicians who provide outstanding service. Share your experiences and hashtag #NationalTuneUpDay to post on social media.

The national tune-up day is the longest in national tune-up day history

In 2014, HomeServe USA established National Tune-Up Day, which was the first day on the United States. They're a leading provider of home emergency repair service plans.