National Daughter’s Day | September 25
Mon Sep 25th

National Daughter's Day

National Daughter's Day reminds of the young women and girls in our lives as it comes to offspring. Spend time with your child on September 25th.


Daughters bring a certain kind of joy to our world. They have their own personalities and strengths, as well as other children. We're looking forward to seeing the world through their eyes as parents.

International Daughter's Day is celebrated in September on the Fourth Sunday in September, depending on where you live. Elsewhere, the day could be observed on October 1st. No matter what you celebrate, the day provides an opportunity to show your daughter genuine love, encouragement, and love.

Daughters in several countries get off to a rocky start in the world. They are often denied an education, equal employment, or even healthcare. Sons are prioritized over them and prioritized over them. Social stereotypes have a preconceived image of daughters' behavior, including how they dress and act.

The day gives us the opportunity to be grateful for our children and to find ways to ensure that girls around the world have every chance to succeed.

How to celebrate national daughter's day in the United States

With your daughter, you can experience the day. Look back on memories or create new ones. Here are some other ways to commemorate the day.

  • Send your daughter a card
  • On National Daughter's Day, take a selfie every year. You will be able to see how much she and your partner have changed over the years
  • Donate to an organization that promotes education of girls. For example, Women One supports women and girls around the world. Another company, Helping Women Period, manufactures feminine products around the world
  • Teach your daughter something new. Your daughter will thank you for it whether it's useful or fun, practical or vital, or important
  • Learn something from your mother. Our daughters' growing collection of experiences gives us a treasure trove of information that they would gladly share with us

Be sure to share your day with us as well as your daughters and YOUR daughter. All the ways you celebrate can be used to commemorate. Use #NationalDaughtersDay to post on social media.