National Open The Magic Day | September 25
Mon Sep 25th

National Open The Magic Day

The National Open Library is a book that celebrates read alouds, picture books, the love of reading, and students who are struggling to find their reading voice. Every year, teachers and parents around the world read a picture book (or several) to celebrate Opening the Magic. The day reminds us that picture books are for everyone and encourages them to have a confetti moment.


What are confetti moments? When a child or adult refers to a point in a tale that brings them great joy and a place where they belong, they have a confetti moment. Everyone from two to one hundred two loves picture books. When you open the Magic, everyone is in for a confetti moment.

National Open Magic Day is also a reminder to parents and teachers who do everything they can to help children become who they were supposed to be. Every day they work together to give children the gift of reading. In addition, their gift helps to ensure that every child feels loved and safe.

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Open the Magic on September 25th and every day! There are so many ways to give the gift of reading and relishing those confetti moments.

  • Read the year's OPEN THE MAGIC picture book
  • To your class or child, read your favorite picture book
  • Invite authors virtually to your classroom
  • Have your school get involved and do a school read aloud
  • Create a themed meal based on a favorite picture book to create a themed meal

Use #OpenTheMagicDay on social media to share your celebration. Never give up on your children. Every single one has magic in their hearts. "Open The Magic" is the teacher or parent who says, "Open The Magic" is the teacher or parent who says, "Open The Magic."

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Courtney Hinshaw, the founder of Ramona Recommends, created National Open The Magic Day in 2021 to inspire parents, teachers, and students to enjoy their confetti moments all around them. She also wanted to give back to her families and share her love of picture books with anyone who loves books. Courtney was diagnosed with dyslexia and an auditory processing disorder in third grade. She grew up as a struggling reader but loved books. She became a reader thanks to her parents, teachers, and her perseverance. She doesn't have a day that goes by that she does not worry about the little girl in 5th grade trying to read.