National Cherries Jubilee Day | September 24
Sun Sep 24th

National Cherries Jubilee Day

On September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day, a delectable dessert is served. Cherry lovers adore this sweet holiday with this simply elegant dessert.


The Cherries Jubilee recipe is credited to Auguste Escoffier. Escoffier prepared the dish for one of her Jubilee celebrations since he knew Queen Victoria's fondness for cherries. However, his original recipe did not include ice cream. Rather, the chef poached the cherries in a simple syrup and poured warm brandy over them. Then put the alcohol aflame right before serving.

Later recipes included the liqueur Kirschwasser and ice cream.

Many things are related to the word jubilee. However, in reference to the vibrant dessert containing plump cherries, it refers to a celebration. As we all know, desserts often accompany celebrations. There is no exception to the And cherries jubilee. The grand presentation's excitement heightened the occasion, as well.

Escoffier had a knack for simplicity and elegance. In honor of Nellie Melba, he also created the Peach Melba. After Sarah Bernhardt, the famous chef even named a macaron. (Thought that there is no date on the calendar for it, yet.)

How to observe cherries jubilee day

Find a restaurant near you that serves cherries jubilee. Order dessert first as part of the holiday. Or, make it yourself. Try this delectable Cherries Jubilee dish. At the same time, be sure to post a snapshot of your masterpiece.

Don't forget to use #CherriesJubileeDay to post on social media.

Cherries Jubilee FAQ

Q. Is there any other cherry-related holidays on the calendar? Yes! Yes! February is National Cherry Month in the United States. On National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Cherry Pie Day, National Cherry Tart Day, National Cherry Tart Day, and National Cherry Popsicle Day, the sweet red cherry is also commemorated.

Q. What does the word "jubilee" mean?

A. Jubilee is the commemoration of a significant anniversary. Jubilees are often linked to the 25th or 50th year of an annual event or celebration.

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