National Snack Stick Day | September 23
Sat Sep 23rd

National Snack Stick Day

To celebrate, on September 23rd, National Snack Stick Day, we encourage you to pack your pockets, backpacks, and desk drawers with delectable snack sticks so you can celebrate!


Snack sticks are harken back to the days when families preserved large amounts of beef, pork, and game. They made sausage by smoking and aging, according to a family's tradition. The recipes are created generation after generation, using premium ingredients and a lot of love.

These little trays of smoked sausage are a convenient source of protein. Whether you're going on a hike or toss one in your gym bag, take several people with you on a hike or toss one. Snack sticks satisfy mid-morning hunger pangs and are easily shared after school, after work, or anywhere. The entire family will be delighted with a variety of flavorful options. This savory snack goes from sweet to spicy and everything in between, complementing a crowded lifestyle to perfection.

How to celebrate national snack stick day?

On your new snack stick, kick back and chew. To all those who set out to please tradition's taste buds, Raise a toast. Bring extras to share with coworkers or classmates. If there is a crowd, it is not a celebration. You can also post your favorite combinations and recipes.

Where is your go-to-stash them for an emergency snack? We know because we do it too! Use #NationalSnackStickDay on social media to showcase your favorite flavor.

History of national snack stick day has spanned history

In 2016, the Klement Sausage Company introduced National Snack Stick Day to celebrate on-the-google snacks for people who are on the go.